[3.11] PF Poison Triple Rain of Arrow Kineticism |All bosses|All map mods|3-5M DPS

Poisons got buffed in 3.8 and it is easier to build a viable poison build not just around viper strike, toxic rain or scourge arrow. So this is my take on a bow poison build, not with scourge arrow or toxic rain, but rain of arrows, THREE rain of arrows

Will be streaming on 3.10 https://www.twitch.tv/astariftt playing and testing out different builds every now and then.
Try not to PM me in game for questions, drop them here in the thread or come by the stream. I am pretty much afk 95% of the time just doing trades while i am in game

3.11 changes
Theres no nerf or changes come 3.11, we can use 3.10 tree

Take a look at the videos to check out how the build is played
3.10 Videos:
A6 Sirus

Uber elder deathless

T16 guardian map clears
PHoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeNlWiK7ZMY
Boss and blight boss was slowed from temporal chains, maim and aspect of spider and withered

T14 blighted map with zero towers
Blighted boss that were hit by vaal rain of arrow are spider webbed, cursed, withered and maimed they simply dont move.

T15 Canyon
Lots of rubberbanding coz singapore servers suck

TRIPLE rain of arrow explanation

Rain of arrow fires a volley of arrows up and land on the spot you have clicked on. Each arrow that lands, deals aoe damage when it lands and at at least half of the arrows will always land on an enemy. On average on a single target, a single volley will hit 3-4 times depends on the size of the enemy(this is absolutely depending on rng)
Increased aoe will increased the aoe of the arrow, but also increase the aoe of where the arrow lands, so it doesnt help with hitting a target with more arrow per volley.

The build centers around

"Trigger lvl 5 rain of arrow when you attack with a bow"
This lvl 5 rain of arrow is supported by any gems that is socketed into it, with this, we can easily apply temporal chains and despair also add in a damage support to make use of this extra volley of rain of arrow. As rain of arrow is an attack based skill, skill level really doesnt matter much(it matters a lil bit, but still.), it still deals decent damage every 0.89-1second(the cooldown)
This allows a 100% uptime of temporal chains and despair, which is easily a 60% more damage << this is our main dps boost

And when you are rich, you can add in your 3rd volley of rain of arrow from

I would say this item is ABSOLUTELY optional as this is more of an end game version, any quiver with good life/stats is good enough before this

Why i use another volley of rain of arrow instead of frenzy:
3 stack frenzy charges gives 12% more damage, 12% increased attack speed. The attack speed is effectively negligible as we will almost never spend our time holding rightclick to spam rain of arrow, because this is a hit and run build(we do have to dodge and avoid mechanics) and an extra volley of rain of arrow fully linked deals close to 12% more damage when it procc every 0.89-1second, also we use blood rage, that is good enough for frenzy charge generation during mapping.
End of the day, another volley of arrows or frenzy its all up to preferences, i prefer to have more rain of arrows

Theoretical dps

in POB, it calculates rain of arrow damage for PER arrow, so this assumes the worst case scenario where only one arrow hits(thats the minimum) from the main volley(excluding lionseye and maloney). Logically, it hits 3-4 times per volley most of the time, so we are looking at 3-5m dps with dualcurses up(which is pretty much 100% uptime)

We fire a volley of rain of arrow, watch the arrow rain down, hit/crit/curse/knocking everything back, most enemies die within 1 second, rares die last.
Despair and temporal chains is always up when you fire off a volley, so the damage in pob with curses up is realistic and are not made to emulate ideal situations

We have to avoid mechanics and dangerous balls as this isnt a tank and spank build

Super super slow
We will be running Kinectism from the new cluster jewel keystone.
With this, we will poison, bleed, maim, triple curse, knock back enemies on hit. I will be dropping aspect of spider in the new set up in favour for flesh and stone for defenses, because this already allows us to pretty much slow movement on enemies to an extreme end
As seen on the video with the phoenix clear/kill, the boss's animation was so slowed because of the multi layer slow we apply on him. This is 1 of our major defensive layer as we are able to run thru enemies while they die in poison

Why Pathfinders?
almost easily 100% up time in flasks, huge damage boost and poison proliferation makes PF>Assassins in this build

Defensive stats

Lots of arrow raining down.
Possibly the best build you can use in a blighted map(except minions)
Fast clear, packs in T16 maps dies in a single tap
Can do all map mods effectively
Key item(lionseye's paw) is usually cheap, items slots are flexible
Lots of screen shaking, lots of splattering
100% chance to avoid stuns, almost permanent flask uptime, immunity to elemental ailments and curses
High end scaling, also means high budget to reach the highest end scaling

Not a tanky stand in everything build
Needs a 6Link to feel good
Hard to calculate real dps due to rain of arrow mechanics + poison mechanics
Maloney mechanism is quite expensive if you want your 3rd volley

Poison Mechanics Explanation
Only if you want to further understand the mechanics and how poison builds in PoB work


To make it simple, poison only scales off the base damage dealt, to prevent double dipping. With this, flat added chaos/physical damage are very strong.
Poison's damage can be very inflated in PoBs because stats like increased duration, number of poisons on target can drastically change the total dps number.
PoB's poison damage is calculated based off having you constantly attacking and not moving for 1 whole duration of a poison. Example, your poison last for 6 second, pob's calculation is assuming you stand on the spot and constantly attack for 6 seconds.
Use attack/second multiplied by poison duration, you will get the effective number of poisons on the target. With this, temporal chains are effectively really really strong with poisons(if you can get +1 curse and put it in the build)

Because this build utilizes despair and temporal chains, we can always assume poisons last super long with the curse up

**do let me know if any of what i had written is wrong

As i said, it is hard for pob to calculate the theoretical dps of rain of arrow due to it only showing per arrow damage and rain of arrows can hit from 1 to even 4-5times per volley(we use 2 or 3 times a good gauge)
I have edited and added in an extra line on my dark scorn so pob will accurately calculate the more poison damage mod
This applies to the watcher eye mod for malevolence too

POB and skilltree

New Tree for 3.10 with cluster jewel included inside PoB
Large cluster jewels are bascially as much chaos damage as possible with Unholy Grace as our top 100% required notable.

Medium jewels we absolutely want to have steady torment in every single one of them.
In my PoB, i added an extra stat to the jewels with steady torment because PoB dont calculate the bonus damage from it
2nd good to have notables are like: low tolerance(get 1), Brewed for potency(must get 1), flow of life

Small cluster jewel is just the siege for kinectism
We use rare jewels instead of small clusters because not enough points to float around
>> this is the latest PoB in 3.10 and has proven to work well for me, we dont need to use Aul's uprising which probably saves more than 80% of the cost here

Rich version, you are looking at 20-30ex here mid league

Budget version
https://pastebin.com/qJXMikdt , We use a normal quiver over maloney, any high life amulet instead of aul's uprising, any cheap chestpiece with +1 curse.
Theorically budget version's dps is roughly 30% less than richman version

*we use jewels/abyss jewel to fit in our stat requirements, we want 155str/int for lvl 20 vitality and despair

Will explain gearing in more detail below


1: Nature's Boon (flask uptime is so ridiculously good)
2: Nature's reprisal(can choose to respec at this time and take Master toxicist too)
3: Master Toxicist
4: Master Alchemist (purely for immunity to elemental ailments), or Nature's adrenaline(you HAVE to use an antifreeze flask here)

Mapping and Map mods

All mods are doable, to an extent:
No leech: Take a mana flask and life flask and go in, i have done no leech maps without mana flask also, we will need to make use of vitality's life gain on hit mod on watcher's eye and some from your gear for life gain. Mild incontinence, but doable

Chance to avoid poisons on hit up to 65%: We hit so many times per attack, nature reprisal proliferates the poison and kill stuff fast too. However for some trickier bosses with high health, i suggest to avoid, example: minotaur and chimera

Monster has increased life: I have seen this mod go up to 75% more life. Not much of an issue, then again it depends on the boss you are fighting in the map

Additional damage mods(extra fire/lightning/cold/crit): we have projected 5.5-6k hp, depending on your items, so we arent the tankiest build, an unlucky hit with multiple damage mods might kill you. We can survive a single shaper ball from uber elder tho

+chaos/elemental resist: we deal less damage here, but it all boils down to the boss again

tldr; Avoid poisons+morelife+chaos resist combined in 1 map = do not do if the boss is tough(guardian maps)


///Important thing to note is that we will need to have a 2nd curse
To fulfil this theres a few options, going by budget to expensive
1: doedre damning, it gives an extra curse with the downside of using a weak unique ring
2: vixen entrapment we cant really use the spell leech from this, we just get some es and mainly the +1 curse
3: Cospri's will. Additional curse and can curse hexproof enemies, with the downside of having no life on chest
4: random corrupted amulet with +1 curse(with possibly a few good mods you can use)
5: whispers of doom anoint on an amulet(this can be expensive in the future when oils are rare)

End game set up we will want:
Hunter influenced chest with +1 curse
Amulet with whispers of doom
For total 3 curses, despair, temporal chains and enfeeble
You can skip the whispers of doom if you want to save cost and can instead take a damage anointment, will explain in amulet section///

For auras, we run
1: herald of agony
2: malevolence
3: flesh and stone


Importance from left to right, right being the last to add in when you have a 3l
On Bow/chest
Stone golem-Dash- Meatshield-minion life-Second wind + enhance if you can afford 6 link here

Dash is best, best, best movement skill for a bow class now. Stone golem is a hassle to keep alive, but a good to have. Do not use it for incursions

On Armor
Vaal Rainofarrow-Unbound Ailments-Added Chaos Damage-Deadly Ailments-Mirage Archer-Vicious projectile/void manipulation

Awakened gem where there is a possibility
Vicious projectile vs void manipulation is a hard one.
Their dps is close, vicious projectile has a penalty to attack speed, but it gives us a stronger frontload damage for clear.

On Helm

Wither-Spell Totem-Multiple Totem ++Plague bearer

Initially i was reluctant to use plague bearer on this build. However, from much testing, we literally go max capped in 1 to 2 attacks. We can use this for single target to push for more damage.

On Gloves
Malevolence-Flesh and stone-Herald Of Agony-Enlighten

Enlighten 4 is good to have

On Boots
Curse on hit-Temporal Chains-Despair-Enfeeble

I would push hard for enfeeble because i like to have more defenses

Frenzy - GMP - Decay

We will use maloney for frenzy charges instead of a 3rd rain

Current items i am using(3.8)

I wont deviate from this, Darkscorn is by far the best on a Pf due to the damage multiplier for prolif-ing

Else, get a high pdps bow with the 60% chance to deal 100% more poison damage mod elder bow



Life, resist, attack speed are the base we want
Quivers wouldnt be expensive if you look for these base stats

However, if we want more damage, we want to see influenced quiver mods like chaos damage over time multiplier, damage over time multiplier(THESE 2 STATS CAN APPEAR IN 1 QUIVER)

Else, the easiest upgrade is maloney

Body armor

Body armor slot can varies with what you use on your bow, if you actually managed to craft an option 4 bow with vicious projectile, this slot is very flexible.

We can anoint an amulet with whispers of doom(2 golden oil+1 black), can be expensive here

Budget-early game version:
1: Tabula rasa,
2:random corrupted 6l in the trade with the correct colour +life, +resist
3: Cospri will https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Cospri%27s_Will
This gives you additional curse + you can curse hexproof enemies

This costed me 3c. Wouldnt call it an expensive version, expensive version would have a higher rolled life and % life

Less budget version:
6L chest with +1 curse, this is based off a hunter influenced base now. High life, high res and +1 curse, very simple

Elder body armor with
1: High life
2: %life gain on kill
++ hunter ex slam +1 curse.

I would consider cospri will just because of +1 curse(because you either give up a ring slot or a chest slot) and curses apply to hexproof monsters. Unless you can get your hand on a whispers of doom amulet
However, considering +1 curse not being absurdly expensive due to hunter influence, it might be better to bank on getting a hunter chest instead


Life, resist, added physical damage, attack speed and accuracy these are the main mods to look out for

We will only be using a rare gloves on this slot. Make sure resist is capped, then maximise your life.
Some int/str would be good here to hit the required stats

*projectile damage from gripped gloves do not affect poison damage


The undisputed slot, we need lionseye's paw here

The colours are mandatory here, look for one with high strength(life+ease up str requirements)
This is a fairly cheap item, so if you can corrupt, we look for
1: +2 curse/duration/aoe gems level
2: increased maximum life
3: movement speed
4: dodge attack/spell


High life, High resist, same logic as boots and gloves slot.
Lab enchant:**extremely important
15% chance for Rain of arrow to fire another sequence of arrow
This is a flat 15% more damage, hands down this is great. Buy a helm with this enchant and craft something yourself

Lab enchant isnt a requirement, but its an extremely good to have


We will choose an amulet with life, resist, Flat physical damage, accuracy, life gain on hit and open prefix to craft flat chaos/-mana cost
Budget version is flexible, buy something within your budget

We no longer will focus on getting an Aul's uprising here, because budget and rarity. Instead we will aim for a hunter/elder amulet with good stats like this

Chaos dot multi, high life, decent res

Whispers of doom: i like 3 curses, enfeeble being the last. This helps with mapping so that stuff dont hit you as much, as hard
If you prefer 2 curses and anointing something cheaper, go for
Corruption: best dmg added
Hunter's gambit: 2nd best dmg node, but poisons deal damage faster is a strong stat for frontload damage
Constitution: best life node


Life, resist, accuracy, flat phys and open prefix to craft -manacost/flat chaos
Extremely important to have life gain on hit roll here
Extremely important, very important, mandatory, essential

Doedre damning is mandatory here if you do not have +1 curse anywhere else

With the new awakening level BS, we can get mods like 72% less recovery speed on red maps, this makes leech extremely weak and at the same time, life gain on hit insanely strong. With a build that focuses on many hits/second, this can literally heal us to max instantly
These makes mapping very easy especially when we do get hit sometimes

Icefang orbits are pretty good early on, although in my opinion, they dont push well for late game due to not having res+life, but the extra chill is pretty amazing


We will just focus on lots of life and resist here, stygian vise is good to have so we can run an extra jewel for life/accuracy


Utility flasks are super important here
We need bleed, curse immunity

Mandatory flasks:
Sin's rebirth: Lots of damage because 30% phys as extra chaos(unholy might)

Coralito's signature: Lots of dps from this, converts crit multi to poison damage multi

Cinderswallow Urn: 3% life gain on kill, avoid stuns crafted mods are good to have

Last 2 slot would be quicksilver+quartz or life flask, we want to be immune to curses and antibleed on life/quartz flask


Watcher's eye are expensive, rare. I do not use it in the new set up because i want to keep budget lower. However if you do feel like throwing big budget
For malevolence:
Damaging ailments deals damage faster(cheaper)
Damage over time multiplier(expensive, like 10-15ex)

We just take rare jewels
Life, attack speed for bows are the base stats we want
Additionally, we want attack speed, accuracy
The more syngergistic stats in a jewel, the prices goes up exponentially

TLDR gearing priority for power spikes
1: lionseye paw and the flasks we use here
2: +1 curse on any part of the gear
3: Good bow or dark scorn
4: 15% chance for extra sequence from rain of arrows helm+ crafting it with good life/resist stats
5: Life gain on hit rings
6: Maloney is a good to have here


Solaris or Lunaris are good
Abberath because i hate floor on fire


kill all, we want more points


It is easier to level via elemental damage stacking and then respec and change into poison, but i will cover a leveling guide/passive tree for leveling as poison stacking
I would pick up ice shot and level till level 12 for rain of arrow
Gotta balance the chance to poison to be 100% as you level as the priority
do not use quil rain, look for any high phys damage bow

Use lionseye paw asap once you reach the level, once you can use curse on hit linked with despair and temporal chains, use a doedre damning(so you have 2 curse limit), giant power spike here
This is the level where intelligence requirements kick in, can either gear for it or pick up the 30 int node in the passives
We want to use icefang orbit here.
Most mobs/packs should die in 1 tap at this point with the curses

We finish off by picking most of the damage nodes, this is when we stop needing mana flask because we pick up the leech nodes on the way to duelist
If dark scorn/crafted poison bow isnt avaliable, i suggest using a lionseye glare to substitute


Started to update the guide more for the modern 3.10 PoE days
Budget of the build reduced to make it more friendly to start

Updated for 3.10

added the build
24/10/2019: updated with brutal restaint jewel
My Builds/Stream

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My Builds/Stream

Thanks for the build! I might give this a shot. Caustic Arrow has been my favorite so far this league with the Redux of poison. My understanding is you can stack poison infinitely, so technically, a build like this can ultimately hit harder as it ramps up whereas CA is dimply DPS in a field that's persistent.

PoB shows around 3.5M DPS for my CA build. Without the 13ex Quiver, what do you think the achieveable DPS is for this build?
All that and a bag of chips!
Mooginator wrote:
Thanks for the build! I might give this a shot. Caustic Arrow has been my favorite so far this league with the Redux of poison. My understanding is you can stack poison infinitely, so technically, a build like this can ultimately hit harder as it ramps up whereas CA is dimply DPS in a field that's persistent.

PoB shows around 3.5M DPS for my CA build. Without the 13ex Quiver, what do you think the achieveable DPS is for this build?

POB for me shows 1 mil poison dps for roa, thats per arrow and excluding my extra volley from the quiver and boots, realistically we are looking at 3-5mil without the 13ex quiver(with 2 curses up).

Caustic arrow has a different kind of mechanic compared to poisons, its closer to vortex/arctic breath as it creates a dot on the floor

This build destroys blighted boss mainly also due to the poison proliferation from natural reprisal
My Builds/Stream

I recommend taking the time to build out a leveling section; more people will be enticed to give the build a shot!
All that and a bag of chips!
Leveling should be pretty easy with Toxic Rain/Herald of Agony, no? I'm more interested in the gearing progression from zero to hero.
Emanresu12 wrote:
Leveling should be pretty easy with Toxic Rain/Herald of Agony, no? I'm more interested in the gearing progression from zero to hero.

Toxic rain has a very different mechanic compared to a poison build, toxic rain deals damage via a dot with the damage from the skill. i have tried to build a poison build with toxic rain and it was not as effective because of the delayed damage from the pods exploding

Have added a TLDR on gearing for power spike in the guide to follow for gearing

Also added a guide on leveling with poison
My Builds/Stream

I just wanted to say this build is ROCK SOLID. It clears VERY fast and is great fun to play - it doesn't really ramp up until 50 or so - if you're leveling this, be patient. It is a bit tough to get life and can be a bit squishy at end-game, but it can 1-shot melt the entire screen on the right maps. Great job, Astarift!
All that and a bag of chips!
Mooginator wrote:
I just wanted to say this build is ROCK SOLID. It clears VERY fast and is great fun to play - it doesn't really ramp up until 50 or so - if you're leveling this, be patient. It is a bit tough to get life and can be a bit squishy at end-game, but it can 1-shot melt the entire screen on the right maps. Great job, Astarift!

Thanks, ill say most of our survivability lies on slowing down the enemies with temporal chains and aspect of spider, although its possible to swap temporal chains for enfeeble if you are having issues surviving. Alternatively, enfeeble could be your 3rd curse, if you do get both whispers of doom and a +1 curse on your armor
My Builds/Stream

Bump for 3.9 consideration for those browsing. :)
All that and a bag of chips!

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