[3.10] Slayer Lightning Strike | Inpulsa + Storm's Gift | Insane clear-speed | All end-game content

Karpoavel wrote:
Well, I could've understood if you complained about T15-16 maps - that's where I sometimes have problems myself. But you can easily destroy white maps with every skill in the game two-linked.
I guess you're probably a new player so my only recommendation will be to play some maximum meta like cyclone or summoner. And sometimes getting oneshot is perfectly fine in PoE.

Just kept dying to metamorph in a T2 map I don't think this build is meant to fight metamorph I mean this much money invested and can't do any damage at all whatsoever to single target seems weird.

I will try to sell out the items but its gonna be tough, this is not your fault tho its mine.

I knew I had bad experience with lighting strike in the past and it hasn't changed ever since. I think this just made it worse cause it uses evasion and the biggest problem with that is maps where monsters have higher chance to strike you or metamorphs who won't miss any attacks just kill you with 1 blow

I didn't have as bad a experience when I did this with a scion mjolner in the past but single target was still shit.

Won't lie this build looks cool when you do it, but I have most of the items and can't get past T3 maps so its a no go for me, I am sure the pros would be able to use this.

Gonna be tough getting back even half the money I spent but maybe I will get some exalt drops, gonna go back to my witch for now and see if I can farm back some cash
Look how Awesome my MTX Marauder RF looks

Hey dude! I sincerely hope that you keep it updated in the next leagues, this skill is visually amazing thank you very much for this build, i really love lightning skills, even if have some difficulty in high tiers I'm sure I will have a lot of fun! thank you again!
Thanks for the kind words! I will try to keep the build updated and develop some ways to improve it.

As for the build itself, I've come up with a cold version that is able to perma-freeze even the highest tier metamorphs and fast kill Conquerors. However it's even more squishy to play and if you don't freeze everything on the screen you get oneshotted so I'm not sure if I should add it to the guide.
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Wow does this freezing compilation look really interesting in? you could if possible post at least one video showing it to us, it would be very interesting, thank you!
did you kill sirus with this build?
ING: FrostyBijacz
No, although I haven't even tried it yet. Unlike Uber Elder whom I successfuly beat multiple times last league, the Awakener is much harder to spawn so I don't feel like I have enough experience with this fight in general.
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Thanks for the guide, the build really is fun to play. What do you think about using Sirus swords as an upgrade past 2x paradoxicas?
Thanks for the guide, the build really is fun to play. What do you think about using Sirus swords as an upgrade past 2x paradoxicas?

I believe one Paradoxica + off-hand Saviour should be the most damaging combination you could get. Even though I haven't tested it myself, it seemed to work like that with most of others melee skills, so LS shouldn't be an exception.

I'm glad you enjoyed the build!
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I'm kinda new to the game, what's the meaning of keeping one paradoxica?
I'm kinda new to the game, what's the meaning of keeping one paradoxica?

Problem is not Paradoxica, it's that Saviour sword itself has very bad dps. So even though you have two additional reflections, if your base damage is low then they don't scale much as well. Plus, I believe two Saviors don't stack so you would still end up with maximum two copies of yourself.
That's why we keep one Paradoxica in main-hand, to get at least some amount of damage. Then, it's possible to effectively double this amount with Saviour and receive very high numbers in the end.

Example from my other char:
1) Double Saviour - 2mil dps = 4mil with reflections.
2) Double Paradoxica - 6mil dps.
3) One Paradoxica + One Saviour - 4.5mil dps = 9mil with reflections.
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