[3.10] Slayer Lightning Strike | Inpulsa + Storm's Gift | Insane clear-speed | All end-game content

Karpoavel wrote:
Hey mate!

I want to ask a question about the 6 linked gems thats in the chest.
Why only lvl 20-21 and no % on them?

You should increase their %quality, of course, if you have enough currency. I just thought it wasn't that necessary to mention in the guide, as it's quite an obvious thing.

Ah okay. Thanks for the quick reply!

I'll increase their quality now. Thanks. And its a wonderful guide btw. I have played Lightning Strike for a few "expansions" now, but never crossed into yours... Sadly.
Hi all,

I'm going to start this build but i have some doubts about the leveling process, In the pastebin there is only one tree map with all the point stablished but how can achive that i mean 1 -15 what is the way? 15 - 30? 30 - 15? sorry about that but i'm new in poe xDD

I don't know if someone can help me in order to understand the way to lvl correctly.


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