[3.14] ShakCentral's Vortex For Everyone

Where are the videos man ?!

The PoB section is listed in the Table of Contents. It's in section 1.4.


There are videos from 3.7 if you go to the link for my prior Vortex guide. I played other builds in 3.8, and will be uploading fresh 3.9 videos in the coming weeks as I play Vortex in 3.9. Very little has changed, and those videos are still a good showing of what the build can do. New videos soon!
Vortex For Dummies: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661120
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Hi! Thank you for this great guide! I tried to go throw acts today and only hard part was to find three pieces of gear with BBGG colors
Was going to go Slave Drivers this league start but screw it. Never played Vortex before and this guild is pretty well written so I'll give this a go instead.

I'm a little worried about leveling though. My gut tells me that buffed Arc might be better than OOS + Wave? I dunno. I've never really raced and used OOS/Wave so no experience here.

I have good news for you: You don't really need all of your skills in a 4-Link. Obviously, it's nice to have, but prioritize your 4-links in this order:

Orb of Storms setup
Lightning Spire Trap setup
Herald of Ice setup
Stormblast Mine setup

When I do my league start practice runs, I try to simulate a worst-case scenario, and I can confirm that you can easily crush through the story with everything on a 3-link or even less. Don't worry too much about links, and definitely don't spend currency in the acts on rolling linked gear


I played a Slave Driver necro last league and enjoyed it, but nothing replaces my beloved circle.

The key thing to remember between Arc and Wave is that you're not using them for damage as much as you are using them to proc OOS faster and help with the Herald of Ice shattering. Because Wave of Conviction lowers resistances, it's virtually impossible for Arc to beat it as a leveling skill
Vortex For Dummies: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661120
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Hey, I don't see a section for Elemental Equilibrium. I may be blind though @ShakCentral
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Why no Malediction instead of Vile Bastion?

Nvm, I've seen you included it in the low life section.
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I'm going to be terrible and ask for a bit of detail on the Occultist vs. Trickster question:

What's the cost of gearing an Occultist vs. Trickster? It's always seemed like Trickster gearing is quite a bit cheaper, but I've never rolled an ES CI character as a league starter. Your guide says that you take Occultist over Trickster for everything except for just a new league race -- at what point does the Occultist become more economical or effective than Trickster? Do I need like 5 exalts worth of gear, 1, or are we talking cheap?

I'm wanting to try something different for a league starter, and I've always enjoyed vortex and CI. I haven't really touched occultist since the nerfs though, and all of that free +ES from their tree seemed to help reduce gearing prices a lot to get viable.

For reference, I play quite a bit but am not incredibly hardcore. I probably wind up with between 5-10 exalts in assets every league, so I'm not going to be grabbing any insanely high tier items ever and definitely not early on. It feels like with Trickster I can get to yellow maps pretty smoothly without much investment -- what's the pricetag for that with an occultist? Are red maps much more expensive?
Pastebin doesn't work for me, it just breaks PoB
I wonder if cyclone might be an effective way to apply the awakened curse on hit setup, so we'll be stun immune

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