Server side hotfix

Thanks for the clarification. That makes it still usable while you are working on fixing the lag issues.
Calgus wrote:
So you gimp both the builds I'm running in Blight and Blight Hardcore 2 weeks after the league start. As a casual player just getting to maps, this freaking hurts.

This would be like making the 3.8 cyclone changes mid league during 3.7.

I hope this is a joke? They just got rid of the consecrated ground generated by minions and zealotry is still very much usable for your build.... Wtf does this exception mean ?
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Initially, I was upset, but hearing it's a temporary thing is good. Once all of the bandwagoners abandon the playstyle, I do hope you remember to re-enable the consecrated ground spawning
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Is anyone testing those patches before releasing?

I have exactly the same problems even in Standard League when Syndicate Assasins starting attacking me, then screen freezing and mostly I'm dying even dont know when.

Should not be like that when some (huge) group of players have problems with game performance after patch - patch should be removed till will be fixed?
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