Server side hotfix

Calgus wrote:
So you gimp both the builds I'm running in Blight and Blight Hardcore 2 weeks after the league start. As a casual player just getting to maps, this freaking hurts.

This would be like making the 3.8 cyclone changes mid league during 3.7.

Did you miss the part that said that was was temporary?
Pretty odd the way you go about this. Better notifications and more information would make this totally agreeable but like this..
At least the information about the performance post is kindly received.
The fact that the company does zero of the following:

A) Announce in game
B) Announce in launcher
C) Change the gem description to say it does not apply to minions

Is completely obnoxious toward the playerbase. If you're going to outright remove a major part of some of the most popular builds in the game at the moment, at least have the respect for the players to actually let them know in an effective manner. (This here does not count.)

I'm surprised and disappointed.
so we get nerffed because people have potato PCs. Just did a blighted map with 3 summoners and had 0 issues.
Good job! Remove it permanently if it causes server lag. And completely ignore the noobs's outcries on reddit and on this forum. Anything that makes the servers perfrom better is what anyone with half a brain wants.
createshaderex error
So is it back up?
so we get nerffed because people have potato PCs. Just did a blighted map with 3 summoners and had 0 issues.

at last somone say it :) i agree with 100% ...meaby performance are bad then previus league but comone i am still able to play on 2k all max settsing :/
I wish that these server hotfixes were numbered/lettered in someway so that when i view the forum topics i dont immediatly associate two topics made on the same day as a double post mistake and ignore the more important one.

An in game server message with a one-line message about the most important hotfix of the hotfix topic would be nice as well. rather than the messages that tell me to spend more money
Hey all, just wanted to clarify something.
Minions will still receive the Spell Damage and Critical Strike Chance buff from Zealotry, but they will not be able to generate Consecrated Ground.
They will benefit from the effects of Consecrated Ground when they're standing on the ground effect.

I apologise for the inaccurate patch note regarding this, as I wrote it in haste.

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