Server side hotfix

We have deployed a server-side hotfix for the following:

  • The Zealotry aura has been temporarily disabled from granting Minions the ability to generate Consecrated Ground, to improve server performance.
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Carrion Golems should be changed pretty soon. I don't know their range for the buff but it's likely constantly changing when it goes in and out of range of other minions. Then when you start having a large army it gets pretty ridiculous.

My minion build lags by just running around.
So you gimp both the builds I'm running in Blight and Blight Hardcore 2 weeks after the league start. As a casual player just getting to maps, this freaking hurts.

This would be like making the 3.8 cyclone changes mid league during 3.7.
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Maybe temporarily change the gem to say it doesn't work so that people that don't read notes run it for literally no reason hello GGG???????????????????
IGN shdowe
You're running minions, they are OP without zealotry you'll be fine bud
jordkh wrote:
You're running minions, they are OP without zealotry you'll be fine bud

That's not even the point lmao the point is running a 50% aura that does nothing without the gem saying.
IGN shdowe
At least announce that in game? So people could swap zealotry to something else.
It's a significant change, zealotry is like 20-22% damage and consecrated ground.
Is there any estimate on when this will actually be fixed and re-enabled? It would be useful to know...
Disabling game functions and calling it a hotfix feels kinda weird tbh. But guess it will get fixed soon.
needs to be reverted.

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