[3.8]🦂 Agony`s Gentle Touch Necro-How to make enemies POP!7k+💖Cheap💰Fast Clear✅ 6.9 Mil Shaper Dps🎇

Hello everyone,

I've been pushing with this build since the begining of metamorph (gear ~50ex+ now), currently 97, sirius down (the fight is relatively easy once you get used to it).

Among the variations that i've made :

- HoA is supported by deathmark to reliably kill metamorph without getting hit and directing the killer boi.
- Zombie are supported with withering touch and feeding frenzy as a way to support the agony crawler.
- Speced into whisper of doom to reliably have 2 curse and prepare for a 3rd with awakened curse on hit.
- +1 Amulet
- Got the dream helmet.

// I need to work on my jewels but i'm going to focus on getting godlike defensive belt.

// I need to get a decent watcher's eye aswell, but it is basically costly (25ex+)

I have now zilion's of idea to improve it and push it's limit.

- Asenath's can be replaced by a rare body armor.
- A +2 amulet is a dream for us. [07/01/2020 - Got the GGmulet]
- Replace asenath's with full chaos conversion glove.

poe ninja : https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/Advi/Aedvi?i=2&search=allskill%3DWinter-Orb%26sort%3Ddepth%26dps%3DWinter-Orb

pob : Advi
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Advi wrote:

I have now zilion's of idea to improve it and push it's limit.

- Asenath's can be replaced by a rare body armor.

Do you mean replacing it with the explosion mod body armor ?

i fear this wont work with minions.
So I've made some adjustments to the build, and so far enjoying how it's going.
Though it sounds weird, but I've replaced feeding frenzy with 20/20 Impale support gem, leaving zombies supported by both feeding frenzy and maim.

I took "sovereignty" wheel to use aspect of the spider and dread banner both on top of herald of agony and vitality.

I used +1 to all physical skills on amulet, I bought one with only the mod, beastcrafted aspect of the spider on it, and now it's ready for multi modding once I get the money.

HoA get to lvl 31 without lvl 21 gem, will be 32 later.

Impale however is interesting, and here's why

because the monsters and bosses buff in chaos resistance, the crawler now deal much more physical damage than chaos, especially while we don't have any chaos penetration. Phy on the other hand didn't get affected much by the armour buff, because of how armour works and the heavy hitting of crawler. Also, the debuff Maim inflict is purely physical.

20/20 Impale gem gives 15% more direct damage, almost same as feeding frenzy (14%). While giving 40% chance to impale, and 59% increased impale effect. While lvl 27 dread banner gives other 20% chance to impale (22% with sovereignty), and 26% impale effect (28% with sovereignty). For a net total 62% chance to impale, and 87% increased impale effect.

Considering impale store normally 10% of the physical damage and deal it 5 more times with each next hit. Now it store 18% of the physical damage. Multiply that with 5, that's 90% more damage for the physical part of herald hit. Multiply it with 0.62 (the times the hits impale) we get 55% more damage for the physical part of crawler hits.

Now PoB fails to calculate the exact ratio between physical and chaos in crawler hit after 3.9 changes. But in theory, if crawler actual physical:chaos damage is 60:40, then impale is 33% more damage multiplier, and if it's 65:35 , then impale is 38% more multiplier, and so on.

The beauty of this interaction is how winter orb is able to proc all 5 impales on single target in less than 0.25 second, which is faster than crawler attacks. Not only that, but also zombies and spectres are able to proc all the impales before crawler make next hit, so we have the damage multiplier constant through the fight. And yes it takes advantage of being used with vicious projectiles, which reduces attack speed and increase individual hits.

On top of that, impale support have -30% to total damage reduction, which is the penetrate the crawler lacks, and stacks with aspect of the spider and maim debuff.

So it's good, and would be even more amazing if I could spare another link for generiousty on dread banner for another 11% impale effect, and 7% chance to impale..
Just barely failed my first uber elder/shaper attempt, but do believe I'll be fine next time around after some gear tweaks and such. It was much easier last league with worse gear imo. My biggest warning for anyone giving it a try is that your minions will basically get completely annihilated within seconds. I'm going to start putting some thoughts around what can be done about that if anything.
Hello everyone,

I've now reached my final form, I have 15 million awakener dps.

Life is good but not budget friendly.
Impressive gear i like your choise of body armor instead queens
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List of changes for 3.10 :

* Herald of Agony:
Agony Crawler now deals 5% increased physical damage per Virulence you have at gem level 1 (from 6%), up to 9% at gem level 20 (from 12%).

* Spirit Offering:
Repeated, rapid casting of Spirit Offering was far too efficient as a means of protecting and recovering Minion Life (and player Life through Mistress of Sacrifice). This still provides valuable protection for minions without it being significantly better than almost every other tool available.
No longer grants a portion of the minion's maximum life as Energy Shield.
Now grants +20% to Chaos Resistance at gem level 1, up to +30% at gem level 20.

Feeding Frenzy Support
Now gives minions from supported skills 25% chance to grant Feeding Frenzy to you on hit at gem level 1, up to 44% at gem level 20 (previously 25% at all gem levels).
No longer causes minions from supported skills to deal more damage while you have Feeding Frenzy.

Bone Barrier:
No longer grants Elemental Resistances per minion. Increased Life and Energy Shield Recovery per minion is now 2% (from 3%), capping out at 20% (from 30%).

Raise Zombie
The number of maximum raised zombies you can have at gem level 20 is now 6 (from 7).

So these are all gonna bring every aspect of the build down: damage, defense, zombie survival, and capping resistance is a bit harder.


We've got new notables that can buff our build in various ways:

Minions Regenerate 1% of Life per second
Minions have 10% chance to deal Double Damage while they are on Full Life

Rotten Claws
Minions have a 20% chance to Impale on Hit with Attacks

Raze and Pillage
Minions have 20% chance to Ignite
Minions deal 20% increased Damage against Ignited Enemies
Minions gain 6% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage

Pure Agony
+1 to maximum number of Sentinels of Purity
+5 to Maximum Virulence
Minions deal 20% increased Damage while you are affected by a Herald

1% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Summoned Sentinel of Purity
You lose Virulence 30% slower
Minions deal 20% increased Damage while you are affected by a Herald

Minions deal 35% increased Damage while you are affected by a Herald

Invigorating Portents
Minions deal 20% increased Damage while you are affected by a Herald
Minions have 10% increased Movement Speed for each Herald affecting you

Also: Call to the Slaughter, Hulking Corpses, Dread March, Blessed Rebirth, Life from Death, Feasting Fiends, Bodyguards .. All can give some defenses to minions.

Also, some indirect ways to increase HoA:

Precise Commander

You and nearby Allies have 50% increased Critical Strike Chance
You and nearby Allies have +15% to Critical Strike Multiplier

Vicious Bite
Minions have 50% increased Critical Strike Chance
Raised Spectres, Raised Zombies, and Summoned Skeletons have +50% to Critical Strike Multiplier

Astonishing Affliction
20% increased Duration of Elemental Ailments on Enemies
20% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments against Enemies affected by Ailments
20% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments

Chilling Presence
(And use Hypothermia helmet)
Nearby Enemies are Chilled

Touch of Cruelty
With Desecrate
Chaos Skills have 10% chance to Hinder Enemies on Hit, with 30% reduced Movement Speed
Enemies Hindered by you take 10% increased Chaos Damage

I know it would be hard getting many of these together, but it's something to look for..

Probably wouldn't league start with this build though, as it seems there are some overall smoother options present

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