[3.8]🦂 Agony`s Gentle Touch Necro-How to make enemies POP!7k+💖Cheap💰Fast Clear✅ 6.9 Mil Shaper Dps🎇

  • Introduction

Welcome to this Build Guide.

Blight league has arrived and after playing a trapper i wanted to check the new Summoner Stuff and what it all was about.
I came up with this Herald of Agony summoner and it wa so extremly fun to play that i decided to share it with you guys.
This Build can get started with just a few items but also scales good with investment.
I would describe this Build as the perfect Allrounder with main focus on mapping and boss killing.

Why an Allrounder?
Well its a Bosskiller, it can delve relatively deep (currently at 300+),it has alot of defence mechanics and most importantly it maps faster than most summoners while able to do any map mods.
Also its so damm satisfying to burst whole monsterpacks with a single POOF

So if you are looking for a summoner build seriously dont look any further and pick this one.

  • Table of contents

Build concept
Pros / cons
Path of Building
Gear and Gems
Final Words

  • Video-Demonstration

  • Build concept

The goal of this build was to make a fast clearing summoner, with nice single target Damage and good survivabillity.

Our skill of Choise is the Herald of Agony skill.This skill summons a little scorpion when you poison enemys and does serious Damge.
The more poison you apllied recently( up to 40) the more damage this little scorpion does.

It scales extremely well with gem levels and here is where a new item, which got intodruced during Blight league, comes into play.

May i introduce you to the all mighty

With the help of this Dagger we can reach a level 31 Herald of Agony gem witout Empower or corrupted items.

Level 31 is so important because it is a damage breakpoint. The damage increase from Level 30 to Levl 31 is a whooping 28.5% more Damage!
With the right gear we can even go up to a level 32 Herald of Agony.

We use a poisoning Winterorb setup to poison our enemys and generating virulence stacks.

Winterorb is a great choise for a number of reasons:

It can be supportet by Greater Multiple Projectiles while doing aoe dmg on impact.
It last over a duration so you can move while clearing.
It Auto targets
It scales doubble with cast speed because cast speed decreases the time until reaching max stacks and increases the projectile frequency.
It is ranged - why go into enemys face if you can evaporate them of a save distance?

Also ever smelled a rotten zombie? They stink!🤢

Now that we have enough damage to olibberate any boss, we need to get some Aoe Explosions into the mix because explosions are the one thing in live which makes live bearable. Just kidding but you get the message.

So may i introduce you to the second core item of this build?

Dont be scared of this wall of text i will make it short.

Step 1 Curse enemies packs
Step 2 let your agony crawler shoot them
Step 3 Watch whole pack explode with a pleasing Poof sound (HA get rekt porcupines!)

If you ask me those gloves are really underrated they have decent live roll, granting temp chains on hit and enables aoe explosion which deal 3% of the monsters life as physical damage.

With the Help of Spiritual Aid (Increases and reduction to minion damage also affects you)
we are able to scale the 3% Damage explosion further beyond with general minion damage,for a stronger POOOF

  • Pros

➕High clearspeed
➕High single target (5mill shaper)
➕Extremly fun Playstyle
➕Cheap to get going
➕Can do any map mod (alch and go)
➕Good survivabillity and multi-layered defence
➕Nice and fast Delving
➕Oblitterates Blight content even t15 blight maps
➕Low Minion count
➕easy levelling

  • Cons

➖Really hates Proximity shields

  • Path of Building

My Current Character in Blight League

  • Ascendancy,Pantheon,Bandits


1.Mindless Agression - Good amount of stats and travel node
2.Unatrual Strengh - Essential to get our herald of agony to level 31
3.Bone Barrier - Nice defensive stats also Bonebarrier is very usefull
4.PlagueBringer -I tryed all 3 remaining choises and sticked with it, its up almost most of the time and 10% more damage and 10% less damage taken are really strong buffs.

Kill them all for the Skill Points.

I recomend:
Minor nodes - Soul of Shakari or Ralakesh
Main node - Soul of Lunaris

  • Spectres

We use 3 Different spectres

1 Carnage chieftain

2 undying evengalist

3 Ruins Hellion

4 Or for more Damage instead of ruins helion

  • Gear and Gems

I will make 3 diffrent setups:
A minimum setup - you need atleast this to get the build rolling.
An advanced setup - includes 6l chest and other stuff.
An expansive setup - for people who want to throw some money on it.

  • Minimum Setup

This setup shows the minimal gear you need to get this build rolling.


You need an Elder Helmet Base with following mods:
+2 level of socketed minion gems.
Socketed gems are supported by level # minion damage.
After that Life and resistance if you can.
Gem links:


Asenath`s Gentle touch - if you cant afford this, grip of the council or rare gloves with live and resistances are decent alternatives.
Please make sure to get asenath gloves as soon as you can.
Gem links:

2x Cold iron point Daggers are a must have, you can get them for 1c each.
Gem links:

Other dagger

Body Armor

4 link The queens Hunger also very cheap about 8-10c ish
Gem links:

Ring Belt amulet

Cap you resitances get life and dex.

1 Unset ring for Stone golem if you can


25-30% Movementspeed,Life resistance
Gem links:

Make sure not to link skitterbots with anything

Anything with life and minion attack speed is good:Very important is that you get one jewel with added chaos/phys damage to spells


Skill tree


  • Advanced setup

Needs some decent investment

Body Armor

6L the queen´s hunger with +1 curse
If you dont have +1 curse you need to get it at the skill tree.
Gem links:


You want +2 level of socketed minion gems and socketed gems are supported by level # minion damage.After that Life and resistance.
Gem setup:


Asenath's Gentle Touch no discussion.
Gem links:



Setup 1:

Setup 2


Rare boots life movementspeed resistance
Gem setup


Atleast 1 unset ring get your stone golem in there otherwise resistance dex and life

Resitance life dex anoint ravenous horde(2x opalescent oils1 verdant oil) example amulet

Stygian wise Life resistance

Rare abyss jewels make sure you get atleast one with added phys or chaos damage to spells.
Other stats are life minion damage/attack speed taunt or blind


Skill tree


  • Expansive setup

If you want to throw some money on this build


Elder helmet with 30% reduced mana reservation enchant.
Dont try to build like this without this helmet you need to have it.

Body Armor





You can try to get attack speed corruption on them



1 unset ring Life res dex

Reduced mana reservation roll is the most important
nice side effect added haos damage on this ring is global so we dont need added chaos/phys dmg on abyss jewel


Vitality life gain on hit works for winter orb - vitality increased live recovery is also a option


  • Final Words

Thank you for reading my guide, i understand this Forumguide as a place for Suggestions, discussions and feedback so dont hesitate to hit the keyboard.

Also if there are any questions regarding this build, i will try my best to answer them all.

Enough talking what are you waiting for ? Its time to reroll and make enemies POP

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Extremly nice and realy fun to Play. Speed Farming pure :-)
I don't post very much, but this build seems very interesting and it will probably be my 2nd, this league.
lalanis wrote:
I don't post very much, but this build seems very interesting and it will probably be my 2nd, this league.

Great to hear, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask here or pm me Ingame if u catch me online.

I'm still playing on a 4 linked chest, I got all the rest up to 'your' standards. I've been playing this game since beta and there are very little builds I haven't played yet. From the most 'meme-y' ones to the absolute meta builds.

Having that said, this build is amazing. It's among the few most fun builds I've ever played or seen.

ehamo wrote:
I'm still playing on a 4 linked chest, I got all the rest up to 'your' standards. I've been playing this game since beta and there are very little builds I haven't played yet. From the most 'meme-y' ones to the absolute meta builds.

Having that said, this build is amazing. It's among the few most fun builds I've ever played or seen.


Your character looks very good,i like your rings :)

Try to get a level 21 gem now it will be an substantial dmg boost.
The build is super smooth, as I had predicted.
Tankier than the classic summoner and cheaper too.

Ravenous Horde and Herald lvl 21, are quality of life and highly recommended, as the guide suggests.
@ EkarPoe, any suggestions for another skill/links except of Winter orb?
What is your opinion about Cobra Lash?
Ty for a nice different build.
Loving the build, what is the Patheon for the build pls.
icepiercer wrote:
Loving the build, what is the Patheon for the build pls.

Sry didnt included this yet take the imune to poison one. and the anti chain from your minions.

Its kinda late here atm, i will make sure to include the exact info in deatil next day
Loving the build. However: What's going on with the Golden Rule and Shakari? My understanding is that Shakari defeats the purpose of The Golden Rule: you no longer double up your virulence stacks, because poison can no longer be inflicted on you. (And if you don't have Shakari, Golden rule will reflect your gentle touch explosions back on you, and you will just melt.)

Also, because gentle touch deals physical damage coming from you, doesn't this mean that you'll end up nuking yourself on phys reflect maps?

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