3.8.0e Patch Notes (restartless)

Still no update on consuming dark fix? Would really like to actually be able to use half my build.
LordGuzdahn wrote:
GGG, at the moment it´s very hard to play your Game without getting frustrated, but not because it´s difficult and challenging, no. It´s because of crashes, bugs and much, much more. Chris, 90% quality in 50% time might be fine for you, but you clearly can see, that those 10% are missing. I´d I think everyone would like to see a break, when Blight is finished, please don´t present us the next League. Take your time, fix your game, make it actually playable. If everything is done, announce a big Update with all the Bugs fixed, give us a complete 100% game which is enjoyable and fun to play. Maybe you´ll loose a bit money while doing so, but after this patch, everyone will start playing again. The first ones will see "Hey, everything works fine, I like it!" and they are going to recommend PoE again. The Community will grow insted of getting smaller (since 3.5 i think) and a lot of people out there are going to give you money for the work you did. This game is so broken atm, just use some flextape and give your playerbase a completely fixed game. I´ve got a lot of friends who´d like to buy your Supporter Packs, but simply don´t enjoy PoE enought to do so. the idea of Blight is fine, but it simply doesn´t work out if you have all those problems.

telling the truth upsets the brown nosers who will tell you since this is a "free to play game" you can not tell the truth about it being full of bugs.

I also play DOTA 2. In fact I learned about the game on the Forum here. Unlike POE it doesn't lag and crash every five minutes. You can actually play it. Granted it isn't POE which I would rather play.

In fact I'm enjoying my other game while POE seems to be in trouble. Those games are Grim Dawn, Warframe, League of Legends and of course good ole DOTA 2. All good games.

Really I've sort of lost hope for POE.
Crash in Haunted Mansion map :c
Back to the login screen... have no idea what is triggering this...
As of this particular patch, I don't know why, the game has officially become unplayable to me. Blighted maps were already impossible and FPS were on a constant decline, but now I've joined the semi-exclusive club of random, unexplained and unexpected crashes. Did and tried almost everything but they still happen, once every 15 minutes or so. It really feels like the game is barely shambling, it's deeply sad considering I am Crazy in Love with the Blight league.

But all I can do now is wait and hope you deploy some fixes. As in many fixes. And performance improvements. Please.
PoE is opening in 32x. There's a 64x app in the file directory that I run as admin to try and prevent this(which worked yesterday) but after updating windows and my graphic drivers last night, that is no longer a valid tactic.

I tried to just deal with it on 32x, but it crashes with different "Exceptions"(present/cant create thread/etc)

and there's just massive amounts of graphical glitches and terrible performance in 32x.

I don't understand how this is even happening when it should be running in dx11.
I uninstalled the steam version of PoE, and re-installing from the standalone client to see if this fixes it.

EDIT: Somehow installing poe from the standalone client has switched it back to 64x....?

gtx 1080
windows 10 64x
16gigs RAM
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Yakumichan wrote:
WilliamGoosen wrote:
Super_Bob wrote:
Standard not enough disk space problem, seriously this is taking the mick:

Every time a new patch comes out I have to delete the download, delete the game then reinstall it because 27gb free is not enough space for a 127mb patch of a 27gb game...

This is a steam thing unfortunately. If you use the standalone client, this doesn't happen.

I'm also using the steam version and this doesn't happen to me..... C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\downloading is empty.

Happens to me too, I think steam makes a copy of the original then modify's it before replacing the original with the modified copy (possibly a backup if it fails updating?). Annoying when you dont have a big enough ssd
Strained wrote:
ricklesworth wrote:
Why is your steam port so bad? A patch of 16MB needs 15minutes to apply (not download).

I've been wondering about this for a long while. Any answers?

Again, the problem here is Steam and how POE handles content.

POE stores all its content into a single PAK-style file. This is convenient for loading assets as all the data is linearly next to each other so you can load chunks of assets into memory easily.

Steam's patcher (which is fairly dumb since it has to work for all games) says, "File X changed, so I'll download the new File X and copy it over." - which happens to be a 26GB(and counting...) file.

POE's standalone patcher is smart enough to open up the PAK file and see what individual pieces changed and only grabs those pieces.

It is unlikely Steam will change their patcher and I doubt GGG wants to change their ENTIRE DATA LOADING STRUCTURE to fit steam. So, if the patch size is an issue - swap to the stand alone client.

I have said many times GGG should spilt this 25gb file in 4 parts (or more) so its just easier for everyone... downloading each part would be better for people with slower net... steam wouldnt need to patch THE WHOLE FILE (at least i dont think only each file changed so only as big as one part of the split file)
AdamSanders wrote:
Sure is alot of bitching and moaning from the peanut gallery for a completely free to play game. I think most people don't understand the complexity of developing, improving and fixing broken code or inefficient programming infrastructures.

Thanks for deploying this patch, keep up the hard work!

This . I cant believe the crying that goes on in here.
server issues are frustrating this league. im a hardcore poe fan, this is getting out of hand. FIX YOUR GAME GGG. like take 5 months instead of 4 if this is what the released version looks like. all friends have stopped playing and went to other games this weekend after the issues.

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