Introducing the Salvage Box

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Hol up.
I pay 30 points, waste some dupes what might cost more, and get random result wich will almost always cost less than amount of points i put into this box? So i just put "money" in the box to get "Less money"? What a deal! No thx.
Paying to get rid of dupes that you already paid for...?
I joked about this being korean mmo before, but I think it wasn't a joke at all now.
This is almost specifically designed for those who've bought way too many mystery boxes, rather than the general player.

Well, thankfully I'm not one of those people. I don't even have enough duplicates to pump into this to make purchasing it worth it.

I am kinda sad that you can't just dump any mtxes you don't want (or at least the ones you got from mystery boxes) into it, though. I do have a fair number of those, which would make purchasing at least 1-2 of these boxes worthwhile, but nope. It just HAS to be duplicates, not merely unwanted mtxes.

Sorry GGG, but this comes across as just predatory on the very people who you're already milking the most. Thumbs down.

Discussion about this here -
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Oh god, PoE really is Tencent now.
Let's be honest.... this process shouldn't even cost money. Trade 5:1 for a random chance... it eats duplicates, and creates less resentment for getting those duplicates. It's a no brainer. I think the ball was really dropped on this one, especially at 30 points per attempt...
Just a heads up. I bought one (and most definitely the last one ever) to see how it works. I dumped a bunch of stuff I already paid for (probably around ~10 MTXs and considering their individual price that was more than $50) to cap the maximum chance of receiving something "very rare". And I received a portal I already had... few of them actually.

Basically, this is the worst cash grab I've ever seen and I'm really disappointed and frankly concerned with the direction GGG is going with this. And it takes something really shitty, really-really bad, really-really-REALLY f*cking stupid like this "salvage box" to make someone like me worry. I dumped more than $3000 in this game and I don't regret it at all. But there's a limit to my gullibility and to your greed that I simply cannot tolerate.

To sum it up for the people who may think this is something "awesome". You spend a boatload of money to get duplicate crap, then you spend more money to get the "privilege" to "salvage" the crap you already overpaid for so you can get the chance to receive more duplicate crap you already paid for.

Stay away from this awful garbage. And GGG, you need to reconsider your "mystery box" strategy. It's getting worrisome. You've been happily avoiding the bullshit that is going on with politicians and regulations and gambling crap so far. But if you continue doing stupid shit like this, very soon you will end up exactly where a certain company which shall not be named is. You know, the "art" company which is "electronic"?

queue Cersei Lannister "SHAME" bells...
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More gambling, great, just what we needed! /s
FINALLY <3 , thanks GGG
The tencent is starting to show really bad nowadays.

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