Introducing the Salvage Box

remove them from sale... wait... you are feeding the box money why are they not free as they already make people want to buy more normal boxes to get food for this box...
Last edited by TeleiosDaBoss on Sep 15, 2019, 11:59:23 PM
Sureeee... Congrats to trying be a more cringy...

Im really dissaipointed of currently situation from this game. Ssorrow but i must to tell this. What are doing ggg?

What do you wanna reached from ruined a play aspects and from more trash mtxes that dont deserved to support.

Really i do break to unknown time of this game...

Bullshit from all nerfs and greedy practices...
wooow GGG at its new low point when looking at MTX...
i highly do not like this direction!

why not make a system like Hearthstone? you can deconstruct duplicates and get coins. when you accumulate xx coin you can then trade them for something in the store.

its absolute not hard to come up with a simple good solution that also gives incentive to buy the mysteryboxes.

you should absolute fire that person that came up with the salvage box idea. its toxic and he does not fit the GGG mindset we know

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