3.8.0d Patch Notes

Can Volatile Dead get the SRS update as well, please?

Can you also fix the tremendous amount of lag this league is causing? My game just crashes and crashes after every Blight encounter. Losing maps for days....
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Fixed a bug where Resonators could be placed in the Currency Stash Tab.

Oh, wait. Stacking Primitive Resonators in currency tab was mentioned as a feature in 3.8.0 patch notes:

Resonators can now stack. They have a stack size of 10 in normal Stash Tabs and the inventory, and the Primitive Resonators can stack to 5000 in the Currency Tab.

Why did you remove the feature that you promised before?
No fix for the graphics card issues with certain laptops yet? Hopefully this is at least on the radar
Fixed a bug where the Pulsating Grotto, Restless Rubble, Time-Lost Cavern and Haunted Remains Delve encounters could not be completed.

I've just hit the same problem on Frigid Recess (essences).

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