3.8.0d Patch Notes

site and game lags
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Good to see fixes go out for Delve
Yolandi_GGG wrote:
DemiDemon wrote:
Please fix the guild access. I'm playing on standard until everything's shaken out with the league and I can't access most of my good stuff. This isn't good enough.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
This is something we're still working on.

Thanks for letting us know Yolandi. ♥
Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

Current IGN: Don_Juan_de_la_Nooch
Thanks! Performance optimization when? 🤔
Second this... I remember a time when GGG listened to their customers :(
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f3lipeff wrote:
Cant play blight maps without crashing, still couldnt complete one...Even worse since I'm a summoner, cant even play the league mechanic because of the bugs... Come on GGG, no fix about these crashes? So many people complaining about that and you guys dont post even a note about working on this kind of problems?

Second this... I remember a time when GGG listened to their customers :(
Thank you for fixing Aukuna's Will with Bodyswap
Please fix the brutal hideout having the bugged spawn in the upper floor instead than on the waypoint xwx.
how about the waypoint in the hideout?

How about reading the patch notes before posting reply? :D

"Fixed a bug where you were not always placed at your waypoint location when entering your hideout."
Still no fix for unkillable monsters in blighted maps?! I wont do another blighted maps until this is fixed.


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