Free Legacy IIQ Item Dupe Service

First time ever doing a dupe service, guy went and explained every step and asked for confirmation in every step with utmost patience. Could not ask for a better dupe service. Very helpful with crafting advice after the duping process was completed as well.
Super nice guy, didn't mind me asking stupid questions as a new player. 10/10

And I got lucky on my first try :D

Second using his service and no problem whatsoever super fast and super easy
Super nice guy, success on first try, posted every step. It was my first time using dupe services, he was very patient and kind, 10/10 service!!!
10/10 Service

Went through each step and suggested crafting method to get better result. Crafted a suffix for me free at my suggestion. Gave me every drop including fails. Would not accept my 1ex tip. Did not scam my craicic chimeral i accidentally gave after a failed attempt.
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great guy knows what he is doing!!
Super fast service!!1!!1!! awesome guy! 10/10
Nice dude, superchill to talk to, helped me figure out how the minagerie worked, and it worked on the third attampt, would rate 11/10 and ill definetly come back for 2 more services!
3 items so far, no problems, also really chill dude
really nice and helpful guy, duped 2 items so far, legit and fast service, 11/10 i recommend with my whgole heart <3

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