Free Legacy IIQ Item Dupe Service

Hello Exiles,
Welcome to my (@VR_MeleeMinion) IIQ item dupe service. This is exactly the same as any other dupe service, but its free. Demi used to offer this service for free, but no longer :( , so I am opening it back up again.

What you will need per attempt;
- 1 x Fenumal Plagued Arachnid Beast
- 1 x Craicic Chimeral Beast
- 6 x Random rare Beasts
- 1 x Regal Orb

1. Tell me (@VR_MeleeMinion) which item you want to get a duplicate of
2. Trade me the items listed above
3. At this point I will link the item I will attempt to dupe, and ask for confirmation
4. Wait in my hideout while I go to my Menagerie
5. I will use the Craicic Chimeral Beast on the item, and link you the resulting imprint
6. I will Regal the item and link you the rare that is made (take note of the second mod)
7. I will use the Fenumal Plagued Arachnid Beast on the new rare item (A successful attempt will result in a 1 stat magic item with 20% IIQ roll on it. An unsuccessful attempt will in a 1 stat magic item with the noted mod from step 6)
8. I will trade you the resulting magic item produced in step 7

The items I have available for the service;

Thanks for viewing my thread. Hopefully I will be able to help you soon.

For anyone using this service, I would very much appreciate a response with your comments.

Some extras;

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Very kind dude, perfect service, 10/10
was done fast and easy, 10/10 will be back for the rest

Legit service.

Потратил 10+ экзов, но ничего не получилось((( Ну, вроде чел нормальный... 3 попытки и в итоге 0((( Но все же спасибо ему)
ИИИИ на 4 попытке, наконец то!!!!!! кольцо на 20% кванты и 12 алл резов
Просто 10/10!!!!! Сделал амулет и колцьо за 2 попытки каждой)) Just 10/10 !!!!! I made an amulet and a ring for 2 attempts each))

Super smooth, very friendly, no scam, you should absolutely dupe your items using this person with no fear whatsoever, you will not regret it.
10/10 awesome legit service!
literally the best, actually free, super responsive

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