Free Legacy IIQ Item Dupe Service

It is cheaper on average to buy a magic base from a trade site for 6-8ex, then multimod it for an average of 8ex. You also eliminate the RNG risk of duping. See my calculator for proof:
🌟🔥 Item Quantity Gear Multimod Cost Optimizer 🔥🌟 💎 [Tool] [Alpha Release] 💎

I don't know why people still don't realize this and waste their money. It's been the same situation for months.
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@SodaPop9 your maths is obviously terrible, and using this "tool" to advertise for your own IIQ duping thread. It even says on your tool image that the base cost of a magic IIQ item is 15ex?? Where do you get 6ex from? I am guessing just a random number to make it seem like this service is a bad idea.

Now, lets get away from that and move onto some proper maths;

The beasts for one attempt are approximately 6ex, and there is only a 50% chance of you getting a successful attempt. This would mean that over time, the cost to dupe an item would be 12ex average. So why on earth would people be selling these for 6ex? They would be making 6ex loss per item over time, this would never happen. Is this why you price them at 15ex? So you get 3ex "profit"?

I am sure I could message GGG to get your reply removed here, but I won't. I believe that people seeing this it would encourage them further to let me help.
Awesome guy, responded within seconds and helped me dupe
on the first try!

Got on 2nd try and very helpful with questions. Thanks!
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All done, great service great guy.

Can recommend anytime.

great service very friendly
Great service 10/10
Helped me through the process!

Very nice and helpfull service, 3 items made, waited me out on restocking, thank you very much!
tyvm the duping ^^

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