The Blight Brimmed Hat and the Celestial Necromancer Bundle

Those celestial zombies are a nice option for Templar summoners.
Great that you make new celestial micros,but it would also be nice if you intruduced the new mine skill gems after the rework with a little nicer skin then the "invisible" stormblast and the "white lines exploding" icicle mines.

But I guess I have to wait for the micros of those skills next league.

All I'm saying is if you can create all these awesome micros and invest so much resources in the carnival pack you can spend more than 5 mintues when intruducing new skills to the game.
Streaming Every Day,
The MTX looks great, but I'm not going to spend money on it since it will only be good for 3 months after you nerf summoners again in 3.9
and ... it's not available to buy...
Mastodonic wrote:
I think it speaks volumes that the initial and immediate response to mtx releases now is mockery re. nerfs. What you did to Worb immediately after slogging people $12 won't soon be forgotten


And keep in mind that the biggest reason pay2win is loathed (by informed people, anyhow) is that it marries game design with business.

This trend here doesn't reflect any kind of pay2win, obviously, but it does reflect a (quite obvious) marriage of game design with business.

That, more than anything else, is most likely the reason for all the mockery you are receiving, GGG.

People hate to feel like they are being taken for a ride. They'd rather make their own decisions about what build they want to use to tackle your latest league mechanic. You choosing it for them is unwelcome (but tolerated, as experience shows). You choosing it for them and making money off of that quasi-coercion just feels gross to your players.
I make eggs.
More celestial mtx... While it does look cool, it's also getting boring seeing a celestial version of every skill, maybe try something new?
Jesus the strategy isnt even subtle to maintain appearances any longer...
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln
Its funny, people have been begging for zombie skins and necromancer skins in general for as long as I can remember, and the first skin in ages you come out with is...

Sparkly Zombies...yea you can keep it, along with the clown BS
So many scrolls, so little time...
nice try ^^

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