The Carnival Mystery Box

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The art and style is superb.

But it's these kinds of costumes don't belong in a game like Path of Exile.

Skipping this set.

And it's been many sets now that I skipped, due to recent sets feeling like they don't belong at all. It's disappointing.

Do you want my money or what, GGG?

Make something that actually feels like it belongs in Path of Exile.
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seems legit
In fleeting reality, you step into the realm of madness.
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Having a bit of a Kiss Psycho Circus vibe here (a bit more colorful though)

Some may say its out of place, but honestly a lot of MTXes are out of place, and I like that we get variety, this feels a bit more different than usual and in a positive way.

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
wtf is this???
everyone in this thread apparently is scared of clowns lmao
Honestly I don't like this clown-box either.
Are you srsly?? RIP grimdark poe
И никакой рекламы сервисов.
I tend to always be a fan of what you make for this game MTX wise as theya re based on lore or something similar. I think this is the first one that Looks amazing! But I hate it. It doesnt fit the esthetics of the game at all theres no Carnival group or location or anything that would wedge this in vs the whole "halloween is soon were getting on the band wagon".

Loveley mtx. Much sadness tho. :(
Sorry to say that but...GGG this time you failed...i found this box completeley ugly...for the first time i will not buy any mysterybox this time.

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