The Carnival Mystery Box

Now, all we need is Clown MTX for Zombies.
Just wanna ask when will the next stash sale release?
It seems my reaction to these MTX is on the polar opposite end of 90% of the fanbase. I had taken a lengthy break from POE. Revamped poison mechanics/skills. Badass killer clown MTX. Take my money!
The harlequin sets, imo, look sick asf with the new poison skills. It looks seriously dark/grungy on a shadow spitting out green poison projectiles!

Last edited by caged_rage666 on Sep 9, 2019, 4:00:52 PM
Well... I see someone is excited about It: Chapter 2 and the Joker movies coming out :)
Red shirt guy need to comment on this.
Well done, but for the wrong game.
Thenagain, with 4.0 coming soon, it's the end of the world as we know it...
Let's explore new playstyles - Play it your own way, not just like the others.
Testing the endgame performance before release date is totally overrated...
hmmm....these clown skins...absolutely NOPE
Really impressed with how good they look.
Can we get a combination for 2x leap slam effect ?
I thought you can't create any worser mystery box after the previous one but now I can see that you're really pushing your limits.

Worst box EVER.

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