[3.10] Gryph's Volatile Dead Necromancer || Fun, Medium Budget, Tanky, Millions of DPS

Allbroke wrote:
OK Gryph, I need your help here :p.

So far I've been cruising through the league like a champ.
Sirius 8 EZ clap, Simulacrums are walks in the park all the Ubers as well.

Today I decided to do the last content that I haven't tried yet, 100% Fully juiced Delirium maps and HOLLY SHIT that thing hurts like a truck. And my pc is cursing at me, with the Dynamic resolution my sceen looks like an Oil painting but the bad kind xD.

I haven't felt a lack of dps like this since my first Sirius 8 with plebe gear T_T.

Survival is fine but It takes wayyy to long for my taste to kill Delirium Bosses and sometimes when a I go into Alva's missions I get kicked out before cleaning the room :s.

So what would you suggest to improve DPS while keeping my actual tankyness pls :3. Managed too balance all resist for maximum Wise Oak effectiveness.

Yeah I don't do fully juiced 100% delirious maps. They take too long. Last one I did took a good 25 minutes to clear on my other VD character. Haha.
Is the dps of the staff that you want to buy supposed to beat out martyr before you include the fire penetration gem in
So, I am loving this build, although I seem to be unable to even kill Sirus at Awakening 5, all the Elderslayers get melted, but sirus blows me away. Apart from that I'm wondering what else I can upgrade.


For me massive survivability improvement was getting armor with +25% increased effect of offerings

You can just craft it (description is in the guide) but after like 4-5 tries I just bought one for 15Ex because I was hitting T10+ crappy affixes all the time.

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Finally got my Aul amulet + Bottled Flask. Added in Anger, unfortunately i was forced to remove power charge on critical (still generated via Whirling Barrier passive, but not so good, perhaps i need Assassin Mark on ring). Damage is really nice, Uber Elder almost a joke, but didn't tried Sirius.

Tried to craft better Body Armour, but no success. I cannot find one decent to buy either.

Also, got a decent Glorious Vanity: Revitalising Flames: 35% incr fire dmg, 0.2% fire dmg leeched as life) for Arcane Vision.
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if someone want these body armour =)just message me =)
Could someone give me some tips on where to improve?

Note: I know that some skill points are missing, some jewels, some flasks and etc. I would like more advice regarding the setup itself, the gems, equipment and etc.

The build is very good and fun to play, sometimes I feel that damage is missing and I constantly take OneHit.

Thank u !

PoB: https://pastebin.com/AExC7AmS
Hi, I need a chest armour for this build with all the requirements ofc. Plz if anyone is selling one contact me plz, here or ingame Nick : CZEPSILON
Bro contact me, I want to buy your armour plz
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@fireland66 i sent you a message and added you ingame=)

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