3.7.5d Patch Notes

It doesn't work still.... :(

It works.. you just need to clear all the map stash tabs, the delete the name and then logout and exit the game. After logging in again they disappear.. many thank GGG, best patch ever! <3
Stay awhile... and listen.
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Mine is still all there....
failed !
need one night to think over. now it worked.
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Still hanging on!
TheSynthe wrote:
Hey guys, my tabs didn't remove at first either. Then i started logging in on all of my characters untill on one of them i checked my stash and the old empty tabs were gone maybe try logging in more of your old characters

IT WORKED for me !!!
And it worked also for me. Kept switching between characters until old tabs disappeared.
I have just emptied out all my maps from remove only map stash tabs on standard and the tab isn't going away, even if I relog.

edit: nevermind. just tried switching characters. that worked.
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Nope. Tabs are still there.

Why didn't you just setup a right click menu and one of the entries could have been destroy tab. That way you would haven't to muck around with all the automatic coding.

just saying. There are easier ways.

Doesn't work :(

Character change works sometimes

I needed over 20 min to empty my map tab

pls GGG simplfy that

somthing like delete tab/ confirm/ confirm
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