3.7.5d Patch Notes

Thats worked for me:
1.) One by one login on all old character you play, press esc, to message your old tree is reseting, logout.
2.) Login to current last play character, go to remove only map tab. Tab was previously empty but now is full of old map.
3.) Convert map, if you think is good for you, some old uni map has another Tier, wait for convert dont do anything, this need few second to conversion.
4.) Remove map from this remove only tab, until there is no map. Get them to curent playing map stash.
5.) Im do logout, login curent character, nothings happens, logout, close game client, run game client, login curent character and old remove only map stash was out.
6.) get a massage to you wrist :-)
Remove-Only Unique tab won't delete.

I've triple-checked every slot in the tab, tried logging out, switching to other characters, waiting overnight, blank tab name, changing colors -- nothing.

I doubt SSF status matters, but it just so happens to be.


Just to be thorough, I created another SSF league char(I only had one) and logged into the Twilight Strand, then swapped back to my SSF main and the remove-only tab was gone.

So switching to another char in the same league seems to be the trick.
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wow..logging in with serveral chars works but what a way to get rid of it ...more what a shame -.-
Reloading the entire game worked for me, tabs disappeared after that
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