3.7.5d Patch Notes

Nice! I hope there will be no critical bug introduced with this. But if there is, it's okay guys, know at least I laughed. :P
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
and it only has been what, 2 years? or 3? But who is counting, that was amazing work in these long months!!! Entire map stash team deserves a well deserved vacation!!!
A nice QoL patch.

xyllywyt wrote:
A nice QoL patch.


This is bugfix lol
I really hope that wasn't a real question from a player in Kieren's sig.
This is a buff.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Finally :)
LMAO 40min to update FOR DIS?!

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Great job! Now to fix the Ctrl + click function not working for the Guild Stash like it does our Personal Stash that has been reported and not fixed for years.
When game developers ignore the criticism that would improve their game, the game fails.
Just because a game receives a great amount of praise vs. only a small amount of criticism
does not mean to call it a day and make a foolish misplaced assumption that it is perfect.
Fucking finally! This is a league I'm probably gonna go have lots of fun in standard (after I get the 24 challenges).

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