Check out the Saboteur Ascendancy in Path of Exile: Blight

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Rip regen
Wow. Massive nerf to sabo right after a league in which we were less than 1% of characters played. That's unexpected.

Edit - Seriously, I don't understand. Three of the least played ascendancies get changed. One gets a huge buff to be the meta choice for the league, one gets some pretty unimpressive changes, and then one gets a huge nerf. Why? It was already out of the meta.
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I'm actually okay with this overall. We got the regen cut in half, but you also get 8% more damage reduction. I'll take that tradeoff - unless the mine mana reservation on Pyromaniac feels mandatory, I'm gonna switch it out for Explosives Expert and live with that sweet 18% damage reduction (other 10% from Born in the Shadows). I'd rather survive 1-hits than be able to regen faster from non 1-hits, and you can still get some decent regen just on the tree/gear if you want.

Funnily enough, the Sabo feels more generic now - neither the actual mine nodes nor the trap nodes feel mandatory for playing a miner or a trapper, so you can entertain the idea of playing one w/o Saboteur. But Saboteur still offers quite a bit of QoL for the playstyle and has his own suite of nice defensive nodes to compete with other ascendancies. Just as ascendancies should be, imo. I don't like when they feel mandatory.
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What stat "Detonation speed" on "4 Bomb Specialist" means?
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Nerfy. No worries, nothing will stop saboteurs from being killed with one shot.
Mines now detonate in the sequence, not all of them at once. It means they will detonate, one after another, faster.
I like the mine nodes. Not suprised about nerf to life regen, 20% was just busted. Cant decide what should play as a starter, summoner or mines.
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Looks like the same thing they did to Necro. GGG wants Saboteur to be the preferred class for mines and traps but for other classes to still be able to do it. The power is in the new mines, but it hurts trap/mine support builds unless the support gems provide some aura-like affinity.

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