Legion Supporter Packs Concept Art

Honestly, I thought it was nice to have a female outfit for once that didn't look like an afterthought. There have been some breastplates that were actually form-fitting before (which, TBH, isn't that realistic, because it invites swords to get caught in the middle) but caster armour has always looked like a heap of rags (e.g. Vaal Regalia, Shav's Wrappings) or outright ugly (Skin of the Lords/Loyal/Doedre). And considering how many pure ES base types mention silk, satin, or slippers, you'd think they'd be a little more flattering.

I mean, really? This model doesn't look good on anyone. The whole pectoral region is... cursed.

Now, going off the deep end a little...

PoE has never been shy about giving its female NPCs diverse wardrobing. Nessa, Yeena, Maramoa, Lani, Vanja, Piety, and Helena have each been in the game for (at least two) years, and have no reservation about showing off considerable cleavage. Conversely, Jun, Zana, Alva, Clarissa, and Vilenta show no skin at all below the neckline. There's good representation across the board.

But if anyone wants to accuse GGG of objectifying women, one supporter pack cosmetic is the wrong place to start. Perhaps you've never looked at the loading screen for a Vaal side area or fought Atziri? What about the original 'Twins' HUD from before 2.0? Or found the Allflame for Fairgraves? And has anyone really sat down and asked how we feel about Jun's interest in Zana, the only LGBT reference in the whole game, probably written by a male writer for a predominantly male audience?

And yet, these things don't exist in a vacuum. Wraeclast has no shortage of fully-realised female characters who make real decisions with significant consequences. Piety, Clarissa, and Dialla take responsibility for their actions, which we learn from dialogue seem inevitable in context. Not always for the better, either; Vilenta mirrors Utula, and Kira mirrors Greust. Women aren't idolized in PoE, but they're also not automatically doomed. They're people. That's pretty far ahead of many popular RPGs that PoE players are familiar with.

tl;dr Having a sexy outfit in a supporter pack is fine, because the game already has lots of sexy and non-sexy things in it already. PoE is in no danger of becoming a Touhou game just because it has a few bullet hell boss fights.
Just purchased the armor because of this (female variation) in art. Hard to get nice armor for us. Thank you, goodbye.
Strip club armour ? Nice. PoE was getting too politically correct. All the nudity still in the game has been there since the beta days.

StupidSmile wrote:
the 2nd picture.. is it possible to make it bounce a bit.
to make it looks real n expensive ^^
I would gladly pay for it

I mean they do have physics in the game, right ? Why use that only for cloaks and flags?
From League Starter to Shaper – Cheap, Tanky, Fast and Fun Physical ST – Very Detailed Guide
Awesome work! I love the concept arts from POE. They’re an inspiration for my Character Design hobby!

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