Legion Supporter Packs Concept Art

So nice:)
鬼殺し wrote:
concept art posts: please appreciate how much work went into the shit you guys never pay attention to because we accidentally made our rich, complex RPG into a Touhou clone.

those who never saw any of the game's art because of zoomZoomGottaGoFast are the guys doing it right

and, according to chris and jonathan, those who even watch netflix beside zoomZooming are the masters.

so, yes.


additionally, what was once dark and gritty is now just dark and SorryWeCouldn'tResistStartingCheapChineseFireworksInTheGrittyPartToBlindYou

still love the game but whoever did the cartoonish master effects ... should go back make mangas or something
offline, have fun changing the game to your advantage
the art looks amazing, thanks for those posts
offline, have fun changing the game to your advantage
In Wraeclast, your butt is never covered with armor, cause you should be ready to get wrecked every second.
thicc guard supporter pack
second pic makes me want to upgrade pack :^)
( It's my first post on the forum after so many years of this almost perfect game. )

" Is this an out of season april fools joke? "

You cannot transform this game in an " Anime school girls on the beach ".
Be serious guys.

I want to play this game for many many other years, not leaving tomorrow.
Amgevo wrote:
You cannot transform this game in an " Anime school girls on the beach ".

This is exactly my thought. Yes sex sells, but come on, you guys can do better. I want to pay for nice outfits, that's fits the character of the game and not for uncovered butts.
Like this set a lot but found the grey parts look a bit like the character is wearing a grey wetsuit under the armour

Thought I would see what a more blue version would look like at the same time

quite like the blue with red highlight look


oh and the standard red colouration minus the wetsuit

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