An ExileCon Update

What, no Tim Schaefer ? Damn.
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1. Star-studded? Lol.

2. I'm fairly sure Australian citizens don't need the NZeTA, and a fair few of your attendees might be Australian citizens given how easy it is for us to invade.

The fact that we're still exempt despite certain recent happenings kind of blows my mind, but there you go.

Things to note:
Australian citizens do not need an NZeTA.

Secondary source:

The new ETA system will apply to all air and cruise travellers from 60 visa waiver countries, who will need to obtain the ETA up to 72 hours before travelling to New Zealand.

However, owing to the strong bilateral deal between Australia and New Zealand, Australian citizens travelling to New Zealand on an Australian passport will be exempt from the ETA requirement.

Permanent residents of Australia who are not Australian citizens and are travelling on another country’s passport will need to obtain an ETA, as well as visitors from other visa-waiver countries including the United States, Canada and the UK.

Tower defence gimmick? Nope.
Main NPC with a name straight out of Diablo? Double nope.
Other games far more worthy of my time and attention? That's three strikes and yer out.

See you in 3.9.
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Natalia_GGG wrote:
An important new piece of information for attendees is that New Zealand has just introduced a system where you must apply for an "NZeTA" online before arriving in the country. As far as we can see, almost all ExileCon visitors from overseas must apply for one. We recommend doing this as soon as possible. Thankfully, the process does not look difficult. Full details and the application form are on this page.

"The form will become available in July on the New Zealand Immigration’s website and mobile phone app. The cost: 9 New Zealand dollars (about $6) for the app submission and 12 New Zealand dollars (about $8) for the online form. Visitors must also pay the new International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, which is earmarked for tourism infrastructure and environmental protection. The fee is 35 New Zealand dollars, or $23."

Always follow the money. Natalia is correct that it's not difficult. It's just money, always money. The rat race of everyone chasing it.

Oh, and 3. The banner is fucking killing me. The text isn't centred and the font is slightly different between 'Exile' and 'Con'.

Guys. You KNOW your game has attracted more anally-retentive bastards than a colorectal surgery convention. Have a freakin' heart.
Tower defence gimmick? Nope.
Main NPC with a name straight out of Diablo? Double nope.
Other games far more worthy of my time and attention? That's three strikes and yer out.

See you in 3.9.
Shagsbeard wrote:
Best of luck with your thing. I hope we don't have weekly updates on it. I know... you're all excited about it. But some of us don't give a rat's ass. We're playing a game. We enjoy it. Thanks a bunch! (You can check my support if you care to). But this event isn't "fun" for most of us. Playing it up isn't helping your cause.

The Schaefers are going to be there... that's interesting. I met them long ago at Bill Roper's wedding.

I dont give a rats ass

But i dont mind them posting updates for those who give

Same goes for your meeting the noname at the nonames wedding. I dont give a damn about it but i dont mind you trying to get some respect/acknowledgement from those who know the nonames

World isnt revolving around you

Its like they forcing you to read all that lol
If I dont reply to you - I dont give a flying duck about your opinion

If you dont reply to me - I dont care either because I dont come back to see who replied to me
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Please emphasize that the link does say, Australian Citizens do not need an NZETA.

No matter where you come from (USA, UK etc) if you are traveling under an Australian Passport (Only Australia Citizens can get), you will not need an NZETA.
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Quin69 = ZDPS. Get DatModz in there!!!
Today we're excited to announce the star-studded lineup of past and present Path of Exile Streamers and content creators attending the convention, including Kripparrian, NeverSink, Engineering Eternity, Quin69, Rhykker, Zizaran, Mathil, Raiz, Nugiyen, Havoc, Tarkecat, ZiggyD and Amie. Also attending ExileCon are many other invited guests, such as David Brevik, Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer and even a few Path of Exile voice actors.

So are they going to cosplay as poe characters and duel it out till last person standing?
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