There are just over three months left until ExileCon, the Path of Exile convention we're holding in Auckland, New Zealand. We plan to kick off the convention with a keynote announcing both December's 3.9.0 expansion and the future 4.0.0 mega-expansion. Attendees will be able to play demos of both announced expansions, watch talks given by GGG developers, meet their favourite streamers and invited guests, buy Path of Exile merchandise, and celebrate Path of Exile with over a thousand other community members.

Today we're excited to announce the star-studded lineup of past and present Path of Exile Streamers and content creators attending the convention, including Kripparrian, NeverSink, Engineering Eternity, Quin69, Rhykker, Zizaran, Mathil, Raiz, Nugiyen, Havoc, Tarkecat, ZiggyD and Amie. Also attending ExileCon are many other invited guests, such as David Brevik, Max Schaefer, Erich Schaefer and even a few Path of Exile voice actors.

On the 17th of August, we're running the fourth and final ExileCon Qualifier Race. Its winner will compete at the Race Finale on stage at ExileCon. For more information about this qualifier, check out this page.

There are still a few hundred tickets to ExileCon available if you're keen to join us. Check out the ExileCon site here to find out more information about the event and to purchase tickets.

An important new piece of information for attendees is that New Zealand has just introduced a system where you must apply for an "NZeTA" online before arriving in the country. As far as we can see, almost all ExileCon visitors from overseas must apply for one. We recommend doing this as soon as possible. Thankfully, the process does not look difficult. Full details and the application form are on this page.

Whether or not you're able to attend the convention, we'll be livestreaming ExileCon's keynote presentation, so mark your calendars and prepare for some big announcements! We can't wait to share with you what we've been working on.
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Best of luck with your thing. I hope we don't have weekly updates on it. I know... you're all excited about it. But some of us don't give a rat's ass. We're playing a game. We enjoy it. Thanks a bunch! (You can check my support if you care to). But this event isn't "fun" for most of us. Playing it up isn't helping your cause.

The Schaefers are going to be there... that's interesting. I met them long ago at Bill Roper's wedding.
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MAN I wish I could go! Or at the very least purchase some sort of live stream access.

*cries in NA*

Edit: I meant live stream beyond the keynote presentation, if that wasn't clear.
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Can’t wait for Exilecon!
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really looking forward to seeing everyone there! might have to have a few beers with people after the conventions!

Thx for the update. Any update on what merch you will have?
Invite Quin69--do not invite karv :/ ..
Beside that; great news

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