Winners of the Path of Exile Video-Making Competition

"King of Swords" not winning is a scandal.

As is the hijacking of this thread by a sore loser.
Finally! No more political bullshit from pool builders!
added to my personal faves are:

1. lords labyrinth- i like drawings.
2. king of swords - like daresso telling me the story personally..
3. streamer league - nice comedy. chris the elder hahaha..
4. piano cover - i think she plays it by ear which is really hard.

im glad retro toucan made it, but also sad because i was also looking for simia's anime theme in top3.. he's my #1 still.

nice vids every1, congrats. im gonna join next time watch out hahaha.

my 2 cents: on the next contest,maybe GGG can make poll votes instead aka community's choice awards just to be on the safe side.and times the staff will be the judges alternately.more contests more chances, more fun.
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Ximia wrote:

She said they wouldn't accept my video because of the music, but since they used my video as a highlight, it already had the music.

Confused that.

But for those who want to review my video, follow the link below, I hope you enjoy:


congrats dude,many we're looking for ur entry in toplist.ur a genius winner for us. is it because the music is in japanese or music's copyright? u could have been the next rogue exile next league, i love ur entry, make another one. i will be expecting ur entry on the next contest. btw, the song link on youtube doesnt work, have to go straight to Sid's channel, i think this is what ur saying sony japan blocking view. -gazette fan here
You can't take this serieus. Video 3 wins over King of Swords? Are they on drugs? Lmao, this is a joke. Gratz to the winners, except vid 3. He actually did not deserved it.

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