Winners of the Path of Exile Video-Making Competition

If a lot of work doesn't matter on this contest. What matters?

Well, what matters the most is having a good video overall. Where everything matches well, where it feels "complete". In art the time consumed isn't proportional to the success of the result.
You mainly overlayed many memes over some fotage, which felt like you didnt even want to record another time, as u kept the trade / global chat on sceeen. Im not saying your video is terrible, and I disagree on some videos being in top 10 and especially EE's video being third and wouldn't disagree on you being in top 15. But don't act like they know nothing about their stuff or they are corrupt or whatsoever.
If a video doesn't entertain you within the first couple of seconds, it's already a bad. When someone has to watch the entire video to feel entertained, you put the viewer in a spot, where he gets bored quite quickly. That's why you can't just go for 1 Minute fotage of you going into the lab.

As I said above, your video isn't terrible, but its not as good as you think it is. It has many issues and mainly showcases some memes, while not being edited in a good way. Therefor you not making it in top 15 is still reasonable. I see your video as a contestant for top 15, but nothin more.
Congratz to all the other winners/runners up well done.

Sucks to see people being so negative and putting others down over something like this.

This is supposed to be just a bit for friendly fun competition to showcase how awesome Path of Exile is.
Hey! Where is Kursedon's video?!
Great work and congratulations everyone!
Very fun to watch!
My favorite was "The Lord's Labyrinth - Path of Exile by irinuchis", it was very beautiful to see it done in that style.
before i saw something anime in the videos previews in other post , didn't find it today, i'm sad. The first shows what poe is being creative and different . Grats to him!

As an elitist POEtist I only congratulate the winner, rest are not worth, vendor. lmao.
Very good everyone, it's always nice to see your passion expressed through these videos.
I don't care who won, everyone won for me.

I must say though, that "king of Sword" is a fabulous masterpiece, I'd like to see other POE character stories expressed with similar kinematics.

P.S. sorry for my bad english.
some pretty good stuff here
Great game, terrible moderators.

not surprised
Wow, rly nice! Appreciate the efforts
Oh, I really feel for those who was the jury of this contest. Such a hard choise.

I mean, close to all the videos are just disgusting. Hard to choose even somth bearable. And keep a good face with it.

Sorry for unmasked truth tho.

And some "ugly video" makers still want prises for this insanity!

Crazy world.

No offence tho. I really wanted to see somth beautiful.
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I don't get the critteria either, i can't understand the first place at all. There is no fun in his video. And why i don't see my video even in "Runner Ups"? Was it this bad to not mention it?

(btw King of Swords is really cool).

all the salt from people. so yummy.

yes it was that bad. low effort low quality slapping some "meme" faces over video. I closed your youtube link after maybe 15 irritating seconds. I'm glad you've decided to not do it anymore. Reading the rest of your comments in this thread... just wow.

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