3.7.4c Patch Notes

zerxel wrote:
Anyone else having a problem with this update? 45mb patch. 3hrs to update through steam...

typical problem of steam
Speedjunkie wrote:
BigiMak wrote:
@zerxel, same here, every patch no matter how big or small takes between 20-30min on steam, some say that SSD drive should speed things up

i patch it right now. i have a ssd and this 45mb ptch takes more than 3 minutes to be installed. this just happens with PoE. every other game gets patched in notimee, even with the filesize being much bigger

it is just strange with PoE

Again, it is steam problem that incompetiable to some game's internal file system. Pay Day 2 used to patch for days for the same reason.

Please stop playing POE from Steam (and please try the GGG own launcher ) or stop complaining
dbzfan99 wrote:
probably the most useless patch i've seen since 3.7. Don't y'all update this game around 2-3 times a week? How about make sure everything is working properly BEFORE releasing another patch?

No it is not 2 to 3 times a week, it usually a weekly patch and this is a weekly patch. Last patch was on 1 August so it entirely make sense.
What about the "That character is not online" when whisper but he is acctualy online ?
game is unplayable now, disconnects frequently and, when connected, its laggy
Hantam wrote:
game is unplayable now, disconnects frequently and, when connected, its laggy

I've lost two leagues to this, not that GGG cares.
I still having random crashes using Flicker Strike, it used to be only during monolith farming, but after this update I can happen anywhere.

[Plz tell me you guyz will give us more skins through Twitch Prime]
After this patch i cant play 10 mins without a disconnect!!! the game just freeze and most of the times i get disconnected!

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