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I am playing this build as 2nd character of this league and just drop a bottle faith. I am not sure, but does it fit in this build or would be better to sell it ?
Right now doing t16 without much problem, kill Sirius once (still have issue with the mechanism) and I have killed elder.
Hello has this killed Awakener level 8 yet?
Yeah.Deathless easily!
pob pastebin still works ?
Love the build.

I haven't min-maxed a character this hard.

Fast and smooth!
What you think about change Fortify to Awakened Added Fire Damage Support ? Maybe will be better?
hi guys¡¡¡

Which would be the best option if i want to use Lorewave instead of Kaoms plate?

is there any way to use CoC in this build?..... maybe some aura combination?

ty for your answers
Hi, I'm thinking of league starting this build in 3.10 (trade). Haven't decided on farming my own Oni yet or not. If I skip farming, do anyone have good recommendations on swords to use before you can afford the Oni? Sort of lvl 80-90 white/yellow maps? Should you look for big phys dps 2handed rare or any good cheap uniques?
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quick question.
i notice that you use transcendence of flesh but it changed in the begining of 3.10 and yes i am trying it out in 3.10 because i dont like other 3.10 spin-top builds using on my assassin is annoying enough as is TIA

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