(3.10) Katmos’ Holy Zombie build (all game content for under 1 ex worth of gear, videos included)

Good gear. The Urn Flask would better be used on an ignite build, and you dropped your spectre setup, but it's good gear none of the less.

Remember, you shouldn't copy my build exactly, because it won't feel like your own. Just take inspiration from it, and push it to new heights!
Really awesome build, I've been using it for my league starter and been having tons of fun. I've been able to complete a lot of the new bosses except for Awakener who just murders zombies.

Made a few adjustments, namely I dropped Commander of Darkness ascendancy for Bone Barrier as I leveled. And I swapped melee physical damage for a deathmark support. I found that as I dodged various abilities I lost a lot of uptime on bosses and had them drag out. But with the deathmark support I can now sick my zombies on a boss and let them keep attacking while I dodge. The 25% damage loss against white mobs isn't noticeable since holy relics do tons of damage already to them.
i only read and havent respeced my witch for this just yet but how do you manage to achieve 10 zombies? or maybe i didnt read something in the pob
You need a body armor crafted with a +1 number of zombies. It's a veiled mod that you can get from Jun master missions. If you didn't find the recipe yourself, be aware that there are various crafters (players that sell their crafting services) lurking around, you just need to reach for them.
So, ive recently decided to make a summoner. there are no mtx for a bow user like myself so i wanted a cyclone summoner. yours is the first i came across and man am i happy with it so far. a great build and easy to scale and make my own. i decided not to go with blood magic with the specters and fit in a vaal skele for extra boss dps and im loving it! thanks gor the great guide!
Also, to the people running this build with 2 gemini claws, i personally am running the scourge unique with one gemini and have flesh offering auto casting in it. and the damage is insane..everything gets one shot and flame dash procs flesh offering and youre ready for next pack!!
Thank you!
I'm always glad people like my build!
You don't happen to know how well it works on Awakener? I've been struggling on character progress and want to make one solid character to go to the end game.
It should work pretty good, provided that you remember to curse it first and then simply run circles around it, letting the zombies do the damage. I suggest you keep cycloning through its minions, to get the fortify buff, holy relic buff and to gain life.
Will give it a shot, thanks. :)

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