(3.10) Katmos’ Holy Zombie build (all game content for under 1 ex worth of gear, videos included)

Apology for the noob question,

How do you get bleed status on enemy through flesh and stone as stated in your post?
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should be Vulnerability

"Your zombies produce caustic clouds when they die, and damage enemies this way."
first time summoner player, where we get caustic cloud from?
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You have ~20% chance to inflict bleeding from the Vulnerability curse, and you hit very fast, so you'll get the enemy boss to bleed, no problem. Trash mobs die way too fast anyway.

As for the zombie caustic cloud on death, that was an old skill tree version, it got removed in 3.8 because of a ceratin build that was abusing it. The new version doesn't spawn caustic clods, sorry - you'll just have to endlessly resummon minions.
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Where exactly on the tree is the bleed effect? i can't find it either.
It's from the vulnerability curse. putting it on bosses is enough, as mobs die anyway easily.
Ofcourse ty :)

Just starting mapping in SSF, so far build seems fine, will be interesting to see how i can progress the atlas, and if i can get a 6 link and that unique helmet and the prophecy i need to upgrade it.
Updated build.
I'm very pleased that the guide has been read 30 k times!
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Updated Spectre setup
Did some change its realy great buld, but i got in high tier some random 1 hits dead so i added a layer of defend and use Sand stance, trash mobs die still fast dmg on bosses is still good.

skill tree
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Your items are so much better than mine. I must still point out that you ditched out your Spectres. They provide a lot of useful buffs, and I really recommend using them.
You even replaced an auto-cast mod on a claw with a chance to bleed, when you could have gotten a spectre to inflict bleeding by puncture. You should know that auto-casting greatly increase the quality of life of any build.
Still, I managed to do T15 maps, and will soon upload one as proof (it's just that it takes more than 2 hours to upload each video!)
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