(3.10) Katmos’ Holy Zombie build (all game content for under 1 ex worth of gear, videos included)

Played your build solely from league start did with the spectre in build full atlas clear, Uber Elder, most bosses and delving to around 240 works all fine.
The only trouble i got was in t14+ maps with high dmg rolls and in delving that i sometimes died from 1 hits, where i dont know from what the dmg comes.

Flesh Offering and Desecrate are on auto-cast, Carrion Golem dies even in high dmg map rolls rarely so i dont see why on auto-cast the skill.

And if you ditch Spectres its good to get chance to bleed not only from vulnerability.

Realy Liked your Build. Did only some changes for my playstyle.

my Spectre boots:

€:delv 259 depth on sek 34 i would have died with out steelskin
€2:t16 elder volcano
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Carrion golem replaced an Increased Duration gem (linked to the offering) because I wanted more damage. That Golem doesnt deal much damage, it's just addional support. So I made it forever recasting so that it will ever be present in the field.
Phoenix underestimate the Firebomb range....
The Shaper 3rd shaper Kill since i play this game. 2 times with the Spectre(died ther always 1 time) 1 time without spectre.

Uber Elder/Shaper did it only 1 time with spectre and needed 4 portals but still got it done solo.

Easy guides for End Game Bosses
Thank you, a lot!

I have included your entire post in the build guide as a quote.
What are some good weapons I can use before I get gemini claw?
Twin claws (the are the lesser version of Gemini claws), or any claws that let you leech mana (I think you can even craft them with fossils).
hey there great build so far got a question about jewels, what to use instead of Violent Dead ?
Any jewel that gives you increased life and minion damage. If you can afford to, throw up some resistances as well.
Using your build as a League Starter, just reached Maps.
One thing about the Specters:
Why the Towering Figment?
You write because of the Puncture, but if I see this right it's melee.
The Knitted Horror from Dried Lake uses puncture as ranged attack.

And then a secondary thing about your amulet of choice, that just there for the cheap Life and Cold res right?
It can be any amulet in the end?
My gear so far, working on more defence aspect cause somethimes getting one shotted. Might craft new weapons with better % aswell.

Overall im enjoying this build great job :)

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