3.7.3d Patch Notes

Oh, fixed leap slam, thx
IGN: HardyHard_FireFly

Big thx GGG for this great game :)
Awesome work guys! this is why I love this game so much!
Thank you guys for the hard work!

Since we are on specters, can we get some official word that the changes to cannibal fire eaters- increased damage, but drastically reduced cast speed- was indeed an intended change?

It looks like it could have been an accidental copy/paste mistake that didn't raise their cast speed from an earlier version.
Are these fixes actually working as you say this time?

3.7.3b Patch Notes

Fixed various cases where monster skills would not display correctly if you had left the area and returned while they were using the skill (for example, the Blood Meteors in the Ahuatotli, the Blind encounter).

--- How about Shaper's Beam or Orbs in Uber Elder encounter?, I am still zoning in after dying to an invisible Shaper Beam and various other abilities from shaper and elder.-----

Fixed a bug where a single skill could sometimes be used multiple times in succession if another skill was used while you were holding down the original skills keybind.

-----Still Double Leaping/Dashing while holding down move only or cyclone for example, also gotten me killed multiple times.. having permanent spell echo is really not a good thing-----

Fixed a bug where channelled skills could cause you to be kicked for performing too many actions.

-----Literally just crashed from cycloning on uber elder for the 5th time in a row and came here to write this-----

Nothing above was fixed, at all... move this post where ever you want, but really take the time to let it soak in and read it rather than just ignore it and walk away as your "Fixes" have become a meme this league and the only things that were actually fixed were things that were hilariously fun and enjoyable.
Since this patch my friend and I can not stay connected while in party but are fine when running alone. Never had this problem before in any league.
Some variants of the following monsters can once again be Spectred: Spectral Captain, Unstable Aberration, Pale Husk, Student of Pain, Student of Torture, Student of Brutality, Vassal of Inti, Raised Zombie, Shadow Minion, Unstable Devourer, Devourer, Plummeting Ursa, Slithering Servant, Frozen Supplicant, Storming Supplicant, Surging Adder, Mindless Scavenger, Fallen Horror, Impure Soldier, Impure Archer, Knitted Horror, Kiln Mother, Unholy Aberration, Wild Rhex, Farric Tiger, Craicic Sandspitter, Craicic Chimeral, Craicic Reaver and Starved Plague Rat.

Clarification on this... they can be spectred but still not be Descrated? I have a Kiln mother on my Spectre but still can't find them using descrate.
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hyperionmac wrote:

Clarification on this... they can be spectred but still not be Descrated? I have a Kiln mother on my Spectre but still can't find them using descrate.

Aukuna's Will debugged =D YAY thx you GGG <3 Time to get back on this necromancer
Not sure what's happening, but after this update I crashed twice on my TS windripper char, where before this update I haven't had a single crash in over a week.

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