3.7.3d Patch Notes

when buff spectres and minions?
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Some variants of the following monsters can once again be Spectred: Spectral Captain, Unstable Aberration, Pale Husk, Student of Pain, Student of Torture, Student of Brutality, Vassal of Inti, Raised Zombie, Shadow Minion, Unstable Devourer, Devourer, Plummeting Ursa, Slithering Servant, Frozen Supplicant, Storming Supplicant, Surging Adder, Mindless Scavenger, Fallen Horror, Impure Soldier, Impure Archer, Knitted Horror, Kiln Mother, Unholy Aberration, Wild Rhex, Farric Tiger, Craicic Sandspitter, Craicic Chimeral, Craicic Reaver and Starved Plague Rat.

Are you supposed to be able to desecrate these spectres too or just make them spectres?
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Added a visual effect and audio that plays when an Incubator's requirements are fulfilled.
Added audio to the indicator that displays on a Legion monolith if a General has spawned.

Why is this so bloody difficult to get right ?

Did 100 maps since patch, saw and heard nothing during combat when doing stones.

But the game has a pop up for useless prophecies that fills half the bloody screen.... God forbid you miss that useless prophecy items that isnt even on your loot filter
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Am I the only one for whom Alva is bugged with this patch? My first incursion after the patch lagged out completely, my second was stuttering, sound only starting after a few seconds, and still so laggy that i couldn't do anything usefull.
my leap slam is still double jumping when i cyclone anyone else?
ED + Contagion feels incredibly clunky right now, like it's not possible to cast both of the spells now? Could this one be fixed too? Before this patch it was mostly ok.
I'm really looking forward to see "Fixed a bug where a disconnect and fps drop problem coming after reveal syndicates. (Espacially assasins)"

Dude All the time i die because of this disconnect and fps drop...
still Headhunter OP on legion ? ok see u next laegue or until u can balance ur game...
Is the precision aura mana reserved raised up after patch.

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