3.7.3c Patch Notes (Restartless)

Does everyone here with slow update speeds lack a solid state drive? My gf has one and she downloads these instantly
I'm wondering why GGG doesn't use incremental patch model for smaller patches like this? Instead of updating the gigantic Content.ggpk (27GB now), they can add a new patch.index.ggpk.

Even for SSD, the current model likely results in lots of unnecessary IO.
So I've just had the game crash while attempting to identify and vendor a bagful, and now the game has decided to update and is taking a dogs age to do so.

90% I'm going to lose my elder-influenced map that I opened with a scarab and several fragments.

Thanks for this.

[Removed by Support]

Final edit: In hindsight, I see that a certain degree of the spirit of the occasion made its way into the post. Apologies to the GGG staff for the rage.

Still though, the functionality of the sentiment stands.
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steam patches are impossible long, like rn i wait already more then 30 mins ... once it took nearly 2 h for 17mb patch... i really hope that there gonna get something switched , Ty For Patching our Game but Please do Something with this patch time eater T_T
GGG forcing you to buy SSD since patch 3.0
And now in every server I have 1000 ping

[quote="Orbaal"][b][u]This is a PvE game, not PvP.[/u][/b][/quote]
Unfortunately, you cannot play POE without SSD.

I remember trying to patch something with HDD. IT was Horrible.

The amount of crashes, Horrible.

The load times. Horrible.

[Removed by Support]

So yea, at some point I got an SSD and a lot of problems went away thankfully.
Memory usage seems to FINALLY be OK.

Hopefully, this mess doesn't happen again.

Say HI to useless forced Bloom though:D.
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wow! GGG you actually forcing me to buy a computer to play your game??? How dare you!
I just experienced the weirdest steam update ever.

Is my steam broken or does anyone had same issue. During preallocating phase my steam didn't have any disk usage (my freespace on SDD remained same). Then 18.6 MB patch was downloaded and then during updating phase size of patch increased several times up to 48 MB. During that phase steam showed some disk usage (much smaller than usually though - I always got like 100 MB/s now it was only 40ishMB/s) BUT my freespace ony SSD also remained same. After updating phase it was saying Installing but again 0 bytes/s disk usage and also it was showing 0 of 1 Items Complete...

This repeated three times (meanwhile I restarted steam several times) and after third try I can finally join the game. :)
20 minute download for a "no restart" patch .. really?!?!?

And, yes, I have SSD
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