3.7.3c Patch Notes (Restartless)

nice to play on steam it only took 40 min :D

lets do bigger gpk file next leage!
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I crash in Washinton DC, I crash in Texas then I crash in California then the UK.

Since you "improved the programming language" I can no longer play. Since playing is step one to buying stuff this is sorta hard to figure out.

Unless you have completely no control over what your servers are doing.
They're extreme and consistent latency spikes in town since the update, random latency spikes in other instance seams down.
BR server is dead. nice.
Phoenry wrote:
Any tips for patching PoE on Steam or should i choose stand alone installer for now?

Judging from what I gather Steam client works like cr*p, I have standalone client and it seems to be working better.
Memory usage seems to FINALLY be OK.

Hopefully, this mess doesn't happen again.

Say HI to useless forced Bloom though:D.
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And if you want to use the Steam overlay, you can add POE by the menu item "Games/Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library" and start it over Steam (but still uses the stand-alone client update).

I don't know why Grinding Gear Games doesn't give that recommendation instead of letting the users struggle with the Steam updates (this Steam feature exists since ~2016/17)!
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b44dss wrote:
Stop Ninja patching something for Anti Cheat or whatever the hell you are doing and provide proper and HONEST patch notes.

There was a patch right after the update. Again no patch notes there....

Like why being so dishonest?

I mean, if they wanted to be dishonest they could just choose to not tell us what the patch did. There's two other fixes mentioned in the notes, so they could easily just pretend that that's all the patch changed. If they were trying to be dishonest, this seems like a really silly way to go about it.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
y3lw0rC wrote:
Unfortunately, you cannot play POE without SSD.

I remember trying to patch something with HDD. IT was Horrible.

The amount of crashes, Horrible.

The load times. Horrible.

[Removed by Support]

So yea, at some point I got an SSD and a lot of problems went away thankfully.

I play POE on HDD just fine - no probs. And I'm using Steam. But everyone has a different machine - so problems are going to be varied with every player.

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