[3.7] Chieftain. Fire Discharge. LIFE-MoM-EB. Make Mjolner Great Again.

Hey guys. Every league I try to make unusual mjolner discharge builds and play them.
Now im playing with Life-Mom-Eb fire Chieftain with good damage, high income damage mitigation and outheal.

This is not a fully guide, just a build overwiev.
If you are new to Mjolner Discharge, i highly recommend you to check the RicoKGB's amazing mjolner guide, here you can find all the basis and a much more.

I was try to play that concept, where we utilize EB from "Devoring diadem" as a defensive mechanic since 3.5.
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2283552 (I don't support that right now.)
Ok, let's go.


Shaper Run. Facetanking Everything.

T16 Facetank Mino. Damage and Survivability test.

T16 Hydra. Gameplay.

T16 Phoenix. Vulnerability, More life, Extra fire.

T16 Chimera. Casual Run.




2 points.

Lunaris Gruthkul\Shakari. (Since they nerfed IC, i see no reason to take Arakaali)


Plus "Intuitive Leap" jewel, and "Increased Aoe" support, using for mapping.
Explanation and Tips
Why Chieftain? Why not! Im so boring to play with "standart" discharge classes, but that concept must work very well with any class.
From chieftain we have, a lot of Life regeneration, Hp leech, Fire penetra and "Cover in ash" also some Str bonus and 15% more damage.

Now let's talk about "Devouring diadem" it gives us "Eldritch Battery" and 20% reduce mana reservation, so we can go with 3x purity, ez res + max res, and discipline, without any investment like "Enlighten" just taking some points from tree.

The point where we start using MoM is where we get "Watcher's eye" with "Es gained for each enemy hit" It's a mandatory! Otherwise you can try to use MoM at your own risk, but you can get out of es. With that setup, if you still want to use MoM w\o watcher jewel, is able to take a "blood magic" support to cyclone.
And now, we get Amazing outheal from kingsguard, bonus life leech from ascendancy, Es leech (on tree node) and gain Hp\Mana\Es from "Feast of Flesh" that provides helmet.

That's why i'm using CWDT+Desecrate setup, how it works, you can see on the "Hydra" Video at 2.46s.

Now, charges, boots help us go generate a much more pcharges im also use the precursor's ring to up the max charge chance to 40% and additional 15% to Endurance charges.
Most important! If you dont have Precursor with Endurance charges generation, you must have maximum of Endurance charges same as Power charges, and no more! Take hp, or eledamage instead of maximum charges.

You must have Precursor's ring with, atleast mod "Chance that if you would gain Endurance Charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of Endurance Charges" (and if you can find with maximum Pcharges as the second mod) if you dont have ring with that mod, take any rare ring with +spd\ele damage or wit hstats that you need before you can obtain precursor. Dont buy that rings without this mod.

New Temeless jewel "Militant Faith" must be with "High Templar Dominus" name, that changes Keystone Passive into "Inner Conviction" that gives 3% more Spell damage per Power charge, not bad, hehe. Put it in the top of tree and take "Avatar of fire" or "Minion Instability" Be care, small passives turns intro nothing.

GGG nerfed arcane surge on switch, pff. No worry, Catarina help us again. "Bitterbind point" instead of classic "Saffel" shield, up to 50% spd, 450!ES, and free arcane surge. You can take saffel instead if you need it for specific fights, but my prefer is Bitter, that looks a much better.

-If you dont have corrupted Ele weakness gloves, take curse instead of firestorm.
-Keep cyclone at 6.0-6.2 aps if you youse solo discharge without cdr belt. Other not tested.

If you have any questions I will answer them.

-Added Phoenix/Chimera/Shaper
-Improved some tips.
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What helm enchant would you use?
For helmet, better choise is corrupt for +1 Pcharges, even without enchant. But enchant that you need is "40% increased discharge damage". For boots, Regenerate % of life and mana for survivability or Damage Penetration for bosses.
what is the core dps of this build lightning or fire ?
underrated and awesome build, im actually starting delve with now (64/66) worked pretty well sofar, the surviability is insane but elites are taking some time for me.

Right now you need to get +cold damage to attacks, anywhere, coz your equilibrium does not work right, get it on abyss jewel or ring. Change gloves to repentance that's a greatly damage boost.
You must have Precursor's ring with, atleast mod "Chance that if you would gain Endurance Charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of Endurance Charges" then you can rise up yuor endu charges, if you dont have ring with that mod, take any rare ring with +spd\ele damage or wit hstats that you need before you can obtain precursor.
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why IC ?
What do you mean IC? If you ask about Immortal Call, that's because we heave a lot of endurace charges. If you mean Infused Channeling, that's additional 8% less physical damage taken while cyclone channelling.

Build works pretty well.
I can facetank nearly everything, except for some mechanic bosses.
The only thing i've done is taking the big area nodes at witch and templar tree.
Amplify and Blast Radius. Except for 1 little node on both sides, you gain 50% increased AoE and 50% area dmg.
Makes farming delve/maps pretty much to an faceroll content.
Got second/third monitor? Watch Netflix and chill while you spin-bomb-faceroll nearly everything.


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