[3.7] Chieftain. Fire Discharge. LIFE-MoM-EB. Make Mjolner Great Again.

On leveling...

There is a nice bit on the first page of Rico's Jugg guide. Facebreaker with Infernal Blow in a Tabula.

I had an Ashrend lying around and no Tabula so I grabbed that. If you 4-link it you have an effective 5L, although it's a Dex base so you'll need to use the jeweler's method to color it. I went with 3R/1G.

Infernal Blow worked great. I then popped in a Cyclone around 39/40 when I finished Act 5, and didn't need to change much else. By Act 8 (50) though, I was running up against a wall. Ended up making a couple of changes...

Still on the Facebreakers, comparing Cyclone, Infernal Blow, and Consecrated Path, CP was much the better option for both damage and mobility. Would be even better if I changed that one green socket in Ashrend to B or R.

I plugged in a Curse on Hit with Wave of Conviction proccing Warlords Mark. This means WoC is no longer CWDT, which I have never liked anyway. This is very solid with Consecrated Path; you hit WoC at range, then CP into the pack(s) that have all just been marked and exposed. Things melt fast, you sustain endurance charges, and you get leech. The clearing is fast and safe.

With these changes, the wall I had hit evaporated and I'm quite sure I can make it through Act 10 with not other changes. At that point will need to see whether I need to change anything before the Mjolner gear with Discharge and Cyclone comes on line.

The one annoyance leveling a Facebreaker build is that you have to be careful picking up gear, since any weapon you can wear will be auto equipped and instantly nerf your DPS. I imagine there is an option to turn this off - I need to go look for it. :-)
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I did decide to "fix" that last socket on the Ashrend. It took ten tries with jeweler's, bouncing between 3 and 4 sockets, to get something other than green. But it would have taken (avg) about 130 c worth of chromis to do it that way.

Got a blue which will take a Phys to Lightning for clearing or a Conc Effect for bosses. A 4th red would work fine here as well. Leveling to the final build will be a piece of cake with this.
Had several problems , not enough Mana for discharge when running all auras, not enough Int and Dex, and getting 3 reds on the boots.

But after sorting things out...(besides the boots ,got everything with jewels, so right at the moment not the best possible damage, but enough) i have to say:

One of the most enjoyable and best builds ever.(in terms of how it is worked out. As soon as it worked i felt like im a invincible god! XD

Thumbs up !!!
Not sure why the boots and gloves are that way; the boot colors seem much easier if you swap the setups.

For situations where you really have to go seriously off color, jewelers are normally a lot less expensive than chromatics.

It is a really fun build. As much fun as my Cons Path Chieftain, but plays completely differently.

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