3.7.2 Patch Notes

Nice, now I just need the Multistrike bug fixed so I can play Flicker.
Fixed a client crash that occurred when using Flicker Strike supported by Ancestral Call Support.

Does this mean Molten Strike also fixed too or crashes are still presented with MS in this patch?
The Spectral Shield Throw enchant giving 5 more projectiles is affected by Divide and conquer's 75% reduction on the number of projectiles, was it supposed to be that way ?
I really hope the leap slam double jump is fixed with the flame dash bug otherwise its a total miss. Its been acting up for more than a week now and its really annoying.
Thanks, GGG, for all you do! Loving this league so far!
Ya love to see it
Flicker Strike still consuming too many charges
Time to wait 3 weeks for this to come to console.
You still didn't fix uber elder shaper having 2x turbo speed and zero cooldowns -.-
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seems good. I hope now we will see generals easy...if not - this sucks. But overall i think thats good patch.

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