3.7.2 Patch Notes

And still haven't fixed the bug where leap slam jumps up and down in the same spot with nothing around.. . no walls, no mobs. Can we get a fix to existing abilities? Please. . .This is one of many bugs within the current system. Perhaps we can slow down on the micro transactions and work a little more on game management.
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Game is worse then ever can’t even open my stash in hideout can’t go anywhere without me not being able to make an action after I travel can’t open map can do anything but trade some thing has to give here this is bs
inactiveezz wrote:
Still waiting for the "Porcupines are now deleted".

I WILL buy a supporter pack the day that happens...
Still Molten Strike hits can boot you out of delve an maps same as it was since new league ! happens to me at least 8 to 10 times a day
Natalia_GGG wrote:
Fixed two instance crashes.
Fixed a bug where Flame Dash could be cast multiple times, even if you only used the skill a single time.
Re-enabled the Stygian Vise reward from Abyss rewards.

I lost some maps to instance crashes.
I also though I had too much cast speed for Flame Dash lol
And more Stygian Vises are great.

Holy sh!t, GGG, can you fix the Japanese servers already? It's literally un-f*cking-playable. I can't even walk to the waypoint in town to get out, I just keep teleporting back to where I started. If I play in lockstep, I get about 0.5 fps.
Fixed a bug where things that would happen when you are hit were happening even if you had avoided the hit (such as via Dodge or Evasion).

So we have basically played with no defense. No wonder why things hurt so much LUL
the game is very bad ,and ggg dosent do nothing ,the game unplayable on ps4 alots of game crash,lagg spikes,me and friends we quited the game ,i will never buy again any supporter packs from ggg
Still crashing constantly when going into new instances. why isn't GGG replying to any forums about this? ive been emailing over last few days and have had 0 replies. not even gonna bother buying anything from the shop if they keep this up. just fix the Damn crashes.

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