3.7.2 Patch Notes

stil waiting for GGG comment...
Legion mobs STILL CANNOT BE FROZEN in the legion Domain area.

They CAN be frozen when running maps.

Pleasee GGG whyyy
The tailwind didn't stack . Please fix
yes... tailwind stacking is now gone...
Downloaded the patch all excited. Then I crashed, then again then again. Then I crashed then joined a party and crashed.

Then I crashed again and again and again.

POE is now the Path of Never Ending disconnections. [Removed by Support]

Oh well, c'est la vie
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Fixed a bug where the Smite Aura was not gained when the area damage from the Smite skill hit an enemy.

oooh my god thank you so much i was going to lose my mind
Facing stutter and huge fps drop after 3.7.2 patch update.
Crashed during a monolith in a Zana "Don't Die or Leave" map. War hoard, and several enemies with loot symbols unlocked. This is what it feels like to be alive.
Still waiting for the "Porcupines are now deleted".

Not having fps, dc, crashes problems at all, thanks GGG for the aweosme updates! ^^
What about "Exception Present"?
Game crashed every 2 min. Unplayeble.

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