3.7.1c Patch Notes (Restartless)

This can't keep going on, how can Patches with these big flaws never get tested before releasing? - I've never experienced it in any other games, i really like GGG. But this can't keep happening. It drains the fun of the game.

Now it's weekend. Most of my friends are playing with massive FPS drops. And doens't want to play it anymore, even tho we love the league. Including me, having 120FPS LESS than previous patch. Can't pop monoliths without my screen being completely blurry and laggish, cause of the recent patch and massive FPS drops on action. And no, its not my rig.

The leagues length is 3 Months. How much time are wasted on bugs and problems cause of lack of testing? Or to rushy. I mean, i'd rather wait 1 more month, if that means we'll get a more stable game.

My two cents, i still love you GGG. but you have to follow another road if u want to keep your players.

I still sometimes get a long loading screen and a [disconnected failed to connect to instance] when entering a map / changing instances etc.. PoE is on a SSD and my internet is fine otherwise.. it's wasting a lot of portals and is really annoying at this point.. Is there no chance of fixing this? I've never had this problem before.
What about heavy FPS drops during fights in map to 1-3 fps

There are some massive FPS drops especially when joing a new area or popping obelisks and randomly. It is not related to my rig.
Hope it will get better.
I am still crashing. I have no idea what to do. Updated all drivers, lowered every graphic option I possibly could, disable multitherding and other things. Please fix this. Game is unbearable in maps.
The same issues here. FPS drops to 2-3 FPS whenever encountering a group of monsters, a strongbox, a breach, wild beasts, a map boss and of course a monolith. It stays like that until the monsters are killed or the character moves away to the clear space. Such performance makes the game unplayable. The issue doesn't affect all the player base, but a portion of it.

The issue haven't existed before the patch (actually the series of patches applied within the last 24h). I was getting stable 50-60 FPS before that.

I am using the default graphic options and up-to-date drivers on a POE only dedicated machine.

Is there some log we may provide to your developers, which can help you resolve issues like this?
Still waiting for the Flicker Strike fix, the whole skill has been feeling worse and worse after every patch. The bug, where it consumes multiple Frenzy Charges per Flicker occurs more often and damage seems to not register with a multitude of skills once you pass a certain attack speed threshold.

Latter is especially bad, since you've just introduced 2 ascendancy nodes with 20%/40% more attack speed multipliers.
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I have a problem of somewhat that not allowed me to resume download.

It would be a WTFF if I have to reinstall the game FeelsBadMan
drklrd wrote:
Shield Charge does not trigger the gems socketed in Cospri Malice
Shield Charge does not trigger fortify sometimes
Shield Charge double casts itself
Shield Charge teleports me back after multiple uses, mostly it's caused by shield charge double casting itself.

In Oba map, there is no sound anymore, I think it's caused by the new muffling of sounds.

Temple nexsus (t3) does not upgrade the tier of connected rooms by 1

Corrupting shaped maps, gives corrupted unshaped maps, this has been persisting since GGG has started doing the atlas shuffles.

Shield charge now uses your shield to attack, not cospri, so not triggering is the correct interaction now.
Can we please get a polished league if you have the balls to charge high prices for MTX? :)
nothing about sao paulo gateway ? Feelsbad

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