3.7.1c Patch Notes (Restartless)

Too many bugs...! Please, chill out a bit, stop launching half-baked leagues.
pls fix loot alert volume too small
It's unplayable. I'm just starting to level up and am crashing in Act 1. Molten Strike Oni-goroshi CTD on using the skill.
CongLongHan wrote:
pls fix loot alert volume too small

There is also a problem in the messages I get
No sound notification
Is it possible to have an option to disable namelocking on melee aoe skills ? It cost me my char life a few times since i couldn't navigate the skill properly ...
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Shield Charge does not trigger the gems socketed in Cospri Malice
Shield Charge does not trigger fortify sometimes
Shield Charge double casts itself
Shield Charge teleports me back after multiple uses, mostly it's caused by shield charge double casting itself.

In Oba map, there is no sound anymore, I think it's caused by the new muffling of sounds.

Temple nexsus (t3) does not upgrade the tier of connected rooms by 1

Corrupting shaped maps, gives corrupted unshaped maps, this has been persisting since GGG has started doing the atlas shuffles.
GJ thx
Zamary wrote:
[Removed by Support] Chris if you see this clearly your team cant keep producing quality content every 3 months, you guys gotta slow down.

I've been saying this for a couple of years now. Half baked leagues, bad concepts, bugs. 4 leagues per year is impossible to do properly. Doing 3 wouldn't be such a huge change. Just make the usual flashback events last longer.
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right now i presume the bug tracker is in better state than team's morale is. and that is NOT a good thing

3month cycle is PR BS at this point. the product is CLEARLY not even remotely ready after 3 months

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