3.7.1 Patch Notes

Lose Herald Of Purity every time I use a portal now.
confirmed , every area change herald turns off...

After the Patch 3.7.1 the Consacreted Ground is not working....
I missi something?
Still getting the exception "presemt" crash. STILL.

Running out of reasons to play this game. Stuck in Act 6 on day 6 because your game is so buggy it crashes non stop.

Best launch ever huh?

Taking my money somewhere else. Maybe you guys should actually test a product before releasing it like most companies.

After the Patch 3.7.1, (pc-version) i can't play.
I got disconnected after few min and rollback. ( act 7 - den)
Flame Dash still double-dashes.

Yeah, patch broke pretty bad. Need to fix it!
Gondalen wrote:
confirmed , every area change herald turns off...

same as above every single area change.
I see my herald of purity and flesh and stone turning off randomly is something introduced in this patch, I thought something was off when I see my mana unreserved, re-put auras, enter map, again it gets unreserved. Sigh.

It seems people have similar issues with heralds, arctic armor etc.?

Also hoping for fix soon for the rubberbanding issue, sometimes I dash and 3 seconds later I'm reverted back to previous position. Nearly died in a lab trial due to this as it dumped me right back into a trap I moved out of good couple of seconds earlier. Latency meter is fine and doesn't show any anomalies tho.
IDK what they've broken, but either some items or buffs simply don't work. Got literally 3 times less tooltip DPS after patch.
can't enter oriath docks, crash every time, before patch was normal

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