3.7.1 Patch Notes

Last league they said they recognized they tried to do too much, and promised a simpler but more polished league mechanic this league. Well, they did do that, but this time they bit off more than they could chew in a different way. The melee rework brought not only skill adjustments but significant changes to the game's systems - with the addition of skill queuing, skill canceling, etc. End result, this time it isn't a shit league mechanic, it is a league riddled with bugs.

3.7.1 being completely fucked highlights it, but even from release this league has had more bugs than most. Might be time to accept that if they want to put out a high quality product, they need to scale back their ambition a bit. 3 leagues a year instead of 4, maybe? I'd much rather get 3 fun leagues than 4 problematic ones. If I feel like playing more than 3 times a year, there's always the flashback leagues anyway.
Fixed a bug where Movement skills could queue their usage multiple times, resulting in, for example, the unintentional consumption of multiple Flame Dash charges.

Still same problem with flame dash.
The patch broke "flesh and stone". If I dont toggle it then it reserves no mana.
Added an indicator that will display when Incubators are nearing their kill requirement threshold.

How about to make this optional?

Okay, they ready soon. I see. Nice. So what?

When the item is ready and drops, I'll understand it anyway because of its unusualness. I can't control it (cant turn off like gems).

This is 100% useless piece of garbage on the screen. Please don't always listen to Reddit
Good job on the good fixes!
I don't think it's right to nerf a skill gem (Scourge Arrow) once the league has already started.
Flame Dash and (possibly) Infused Channelling are not working properly yet. The issue with Flame Dash, in particular, is very obvious. Disappointing.
Good job GGG! Lots of important updates. Keep them coming!

I was really hoping to see Flicker Strike + Multistrike fixed. It feels terrible compared to previous leagues. It only repeats twice when supported with multistrike and paused awkwardly instead of the third hit. Also, it consumes 2 frenzy charges to bypass the cooldown instead of just one.

I understand you are working through the bugs as fast as you can, just wanted to point this out so that the most fun and rewarding build (to me) can be restored to its former glory. Thanks for the hard work and an awesome game experience!
Crash Fixes

Fixed another client crash that could happen during Legion encounters.
Fixed a common client crash that could occur while changing areas.
Fixed a client crash that could happen while using The Dancing Dervish.
Fixed a client crash occurring in the Fields Map boss encounter.
Fixed two instance crashes.

Well... nothing change... more crashes than before patch if it's possible...

So GGG, now for real: When is the patch coming? I still have ALL these freaking issues... getting pissed from dieing to crashes on Legion encounters.
Only thing I see is less damage to the Red Vaal Wall Skill, not dieing by touching it anymore.

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