3.7.1 Patch Notes

my arctic armour is always turning off when i port in a map
Fixed a bug where various support gems were unable to support Frostblink.

This is not completely fixed. Trap support and spell totem support gems are still unable to support Frostblink. Flame Dash, which has all the same tags minus AoE, however still works.
just downloaded patch and guess what my flame dash still procs twice. can you redo it and fix it this time
Cyclone desync issue has not been fixed.
2Nados wrote:
my arctic armour is always turning off when i port in a map

This happens to me with 2 of my 3 buffs (They turn off between herald of ash, purity and artic armour randomly when enter a map)
i crash two times with "new" patch 3.7.1

What's happened?

Ah c'mon!! I want to play.

Since that league started, I can't play smooth...

EDIT: For now, runnning "PackCheck".
Finished. All files is done and sync!
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Sadly can't log in after the patch :/
I downloaded the new patch and now the client keeps crashing to desktop every time I try to head to the next area from A7 town. I was able to go to my hideout from there. But then it crashed after I tried going back to A7 town.

I can't even play the game now.
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So I see Flicker Strike crash has still not been addressed...

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